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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

There's no fear, guilt or regret upon the absence of ignorance

Fear, guilt and regret only exist in the minds under the presence of ignorance.

There's no fear, guilt or regret in the minds upon the absence of ignorance.

Those who want or have the need/urge/instinct to bully, manipulate and control some others through instilling fear, guilt and regret in others, they don't like to hear about mental and emotional independence, or freedom from ignorance and egoism, because then they can no longer bully, manipulate or control towards those who are mentally and emotionally independent, who are free from fear, guilt or regret, upon the absence of ignorance and egoism.

Bully, manipulation and control through instilling fear, guilt and regret in the minds, is something very common in many minds, in family, in parenting, in love relationships, in friendships, or in the community under certain cultural, spiritual, religious, political or national belief, values and practice.

The minds want to bully, manipulate and control other minds is due to fear exists in themselves. Those who are free from fear, they don't need to bully, manipulate or control anyone.

The world of human beings under the influence of ignorance and egoism, being the slaves of ignorance and egoism, causing lots of suffering in themselves and unto others, is not just madness, but also ridiculously amusing or hilarious.

The mind that is free from ignorance transcends all kinds of superstitious belief and practice. There's no magic. There are only tricks or hypnotism. If superstitious belief is true and powerful, if magic is real and powerful, and if hypnotism is so powerful, the world would be free from all kinds of suffering already, where all and everyone can attain liberation from ignorance and egoism instantly through superstitious belief and practice, magic or hypnotism. Instead, all these belief and practice are being used to be empowering ignorance and egoism for gratifying passionate egoistic greedy ambitious selfish desire and aspiration.

Inquire towards the truth of everything, and be free.

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