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Monday, December 21, 2020

Free the mind from craving towards love, acknowledgement, appreciation and/or validation from anyone

There's nothing wrong with receiving love, acknowledgement and appreciation from some other beings in our life, if it's there. It's the social/cultural/psychological thinking and belief about human beings 'need' to be receiving love, acknowledgement, appreciation and/or validation from some others or a community for being existing in this world to feel meaningful, love, high self-esteem, worthy, satisfaction, happiness, and so on, that is why so many people are 'suffering' from the sense of loneliness, missingness, meaninglessness, lovelessness, low self-esteem, low self-worth, disappointment, unhappiness, and so on, when they think they are not receiving/getting 'enough' love, acknowledgment and appreciation from some others to fuel/boost their sense of meaningfulness, love, self-esteem, self-worth, satisfaction, happiness, and so on.

Though the 'legal' validation and authorization by some self claimed/community supported 'authority' for being existing, living, doing something and moving around in this world is something else, which is truly unnecessary and shouldn't be existing at all, as well as it's the main source of all kinds of discrimination, unrest and humanity cruelty, but we all are being 'legally bound' by it the moment we were being born into this world, reluctantly. When people actively fight for freedom of anything in this world, it's actually about freedom from being 'controlled' by any 'corrupted' legality/authorization/authority. The world would be a much better place if without any so called legality/authorization/authority that create borders and separation among human beings, while discriminating and oppressing all and everyone 'legally'.

Regardless of the many different types of ethnic, cultural and social background in the world, it's common that many people were being brought up/educated in the way of developing intense attachment and identification towards a personal, family and community identity that fueled by a strong sense of belonging and recognition coming from attaining or receiving love, acknowledgement, appreciation, acceptance, accreditation, validation, liking and support from some others, or family, or a community. This is part of the play of ignorance and egoism that relates to the many kinds of mental and emotional suffering in this world.

The basic practice of yoga and Buddhism is to free the mind from such ignorance and egoism through the practice of dispassion, renunciation, non-attachment, non-identification, desireless, non-craving, non-aversion and non-expectation.

It's normal that many people, including yoga practitioners and yoga teachers, who never practice dispassion, renunciation, non-attachment, non-identification and non-craving/clinging/aversion towards all and everything, would be disturbed very much by the sense of loneliness, missingness, meaninglessness, low self-esteem, unworthiness, disappointment, unhappiness, grief, sorrow, and so on, upon the presence and absence of certain experience, condition and situation that they think and believe is the cause of loneliness, missingness, meaninglessness, low self-esteem, unworthiness, disappointment, unhappiness, grief and sorrow in their life existence.

Self-esteem and self-worth shouldn't and doesn't need to be existing in this life existence of impermanent and selfless names and forms, but that's the way human beings were/are being 'conditioned' to develop 'self-esteem' and 'self-worth' to be somebody who constantly needs to be 'loved', 'accepted', 'acknowledged', 'appreciated', and/or 'validated' by some others, their family and community, from the moment being born until the moment of death.

No one can 'help' those who are reluctant to help themselves to be free from all kinds of mental and emotional suffering by freeing their minds from ignorance and egoism, not to say, those who feel being 'offended' very much by this teaching of yoga and Buddhism about freeing one's mind from ignorance and egoism, alone by oneself, but only looking forward to be giving and receiving love, acknowledgement, appreciation, acceptance, accreditation, approval, agreement, liking and support between one another, to attain certain 'validation' of being 'existing' in this worldly life existence, to chase away the sense of loneliness, meaninglessness, missingness, unworthiness, disappointment, dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and so on.

Upon the annihilation of ignorance and egoism, one doesn't even need any 'validation' from oneself, not to say, from anyone else.

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