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Thursday, October 21, 2021

'I' and 'impermanent selfless changes' and 'time'

The essential teachings in Yoga and Buddhism, is about selflessness and impermanence.

The essential practice in Yoga and Buddhism, is about purifying, disciplining, quieting and silencing the modification of the mind, or the perceptive cognitive assertive thinking faculty.

There's no 'I'.

There's neither 'I' am thinking nor not thinking.

There's neither 'I' believe nor don't believe.

There's neither 'I' am acting nor non-acting.

There's neither 'I' am giving nor receiving.

There's neither 'I' am enjoying nor suffering.

There's no 'I' am good or bad.

There's no 'I' to be going through impermanent changes of ceaseless births and deaths.

There's neither 'I' to be identifying with nor not identifying with the thought process.

There's neither 'I' am the thought process nor 'I' am not the thought process.

There's no 'I' to be aware or unaware of the thought activities.

There's no 'I' am observing or witnessing the thought process.

The 'I' or 'self', that the thinking faculty thinks and believes as 'an individual existence of I', is just an idea or a stream of continuous thoughts supported by the function of memory under the influence of ignorance.

From the idea of 'I', there arise egoism of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, comparison, judgment, expectation and separateness within the modification of the mind, or the thought activities of the perceptive cognitive assertive thinking faculty, under the veil of ignorance.

There's neither 'I' am selfless nor 'I' am not selfless.

There's no 'I' realize selflessness.

It's just the perceptive cognitive thinking faculty starts to see the truth of things as it is.

It's just the mind being aware of the thought activities.

It's just the mind sees itself, or knows Thyself.

It's just impermanent selfless names and forms arising and passing away, forming, changing and deforming, under the influence of cause and effect, powered by energy and elements.

The realization of selflessness and impermanence leads to the realization of timelessness.

There's neither past nor future.

It's merely the mind perception of selfless impermanent changes of names and forms in NOW that gives rise to the idea of 'time'.

'Time' is merely the reflection of ceaseless impermanent changes of selfless names and forms, of selfless forming, changing, decaying, aging, dying, and deforming or disintegration, in all kinds of names and forms, regardless of sentient beings or non-sentient objects.

When the mind is silent, when there's no stream of continuous thought activities, when there's no recollection of memories, what is 'I'? What is 'individual identity and life existence'? What is 'impermanent changes'? What is 'time'? What is 'the world'? What is 'desire'? What is 'good'? What is 'bad'? What is 'fear'? What is 'guilt and regret'? What is 'positive and negative'? What is 'meaningfulness and meaninglessness'? What is 'happiness and unhappiness'? What is 'superiority and inferiority'? What is 'love and connection'? What is 'loneliness'? What is 'hurt'? What is 'pleasure and suffering'? What is 'end of suffering'? What is 'liberation'?

Do not blind-believing, blind-following, blind-practicing, or blind-propagating.

Inquire the truth of everything through self-inquiry and self-realization.

Go beyond the thinking, the beliefs, the identification, the aspiration, the inspiration, the perceived world of names and forms, the selfless modification of the mind.

Be free.

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