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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Surrendering to the law of nature

When there are many difficulties or obstacles arise in life that seem to be unsolvable in the present moment, we can choose to surrender to the law of nature, allowing the law of nature to lead us to wherever we are and whatever we will be, rather than being frustrated and injured by fighting against the difficulties that won't make all the difficulties disappear from life.

Surrendering the desire to fight is not the same as giving up the will to move on.

Surrendering the ego by letting go egoistic desire, attachment and expectation.

Surrendering is respecting the law of nature after doing one's best to live a life that one would like it to be, allowing the fruit of actions being what it is.

Surrendering the desire to fight against difficulties (deriving from ignorance in the world), but without giving up the will to move on, while manoeuvring around the difficulties.

It's like a leaf floating on the river, and allowing the current to manoeuvre the leaf around all kinds of obstacles, and heads towards any branches of the river led by the current, without breaking apart while trying to fight against the current insisting on heading towards one particular branch of the river.

There's nothing wrong with giving up, losing the will or ability to move on. It's like the leaf reluctantly got stuck with one of the obstacles and stop flowing.

Either the leaf keeps flowing or stops flowing, it's all impermanent.

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