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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 15 - practice of meditation

The practice of meditation is to still the mind, where the consciousness rises above the perception of the senses, names and forms. It is a state of oneness, complete and whole. We need to practice concentration along with purification of the mind before this state of pure consciousness is reachable.

A person, who is having lots of fears, desires, discontentment, and other impurities, is very difficult to practice concentration. Without concentration, meditation is not possible.
This person will have no wisdom to differentiate what he should do and shouldn’t do. He will take the wrong as right, and take right as wrong. He will have no peace of mind at all.

Some people are worried that the practice of meditation can be dangerous, that they might get lost in their mind. There is minimal possibility of this to happen only if the practitioner hasn’t gone through the fundamental practice of purifications, right thinking and right conducts.

And the question is not about right or wrong method in use in meditation, but it is the detachment level of the practitioner and his attitude and intention for doing meditation are the main factor if there is a possibility of problem occurs in the practice of meditation. Other wise there is no problem at all for anyone to practice meditation.

Fearlessness and detachment is the fundamental requirements for advancing in meditation. Because as we dive deeper into the mind and the subconscious mind, there will be lots of ‘rubbish’ that we need to confront and deal with, by fearlessness and detachment.

Limitation of the actions and speech of the physical body will lead to the limitation of the thoughts in the mind, thus observing mouna (silence) and maintaining a steady posture is essential for the practice of meditation.
When the thoughts in the mind are slowing down and reduced, we will be experiencing deeper level of the consciousness, and attain greater peace of mind.

When the mind is completely still without any thought wave (thoughtless), when all the organs and senses ceased function, when the intellect and the ego went into deep sleep, it is the state of Samadhi (silence), pure consciousness and pure existence. No sounds, no colors, no shapes, no qualities, no birth and no death.

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