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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chapter 15 - Practice of meditation

The practice of meditation is to still the mind, where the consciousness rises above the mind perception of names and forms through the senses. It is nameless, formless and attributeless state of oneness, selflessness and non-separateness. We need to practice concentration along with purification of the mind before this state of pure consciousness is reachable.

A person, who has lots of fears, desires, discontentment, and other impurities, is very difficult to practice concentration. Without concentration, meditation is not possible.

This person will have no wisdom to discriminate what he should do and shouldn’t do. He will take the wrong as right, and take right as wrong. He will have no peace of mind at all.

The practitioner must go through fundamental practice of mind purification, non-attachment, non-association, non-expectation, desirelessness, and must have correct thinking and correct understanding.

We can't make meditation to happen. Meditation will happen as it is. Just as we can't make sleep to happen. We can only prepare the body and mind to go to sleep. All the practices prior to meditation are just preparing the mind, rendering the mind to be quiet and focus, and allowing meditation to be happening, or not.

Fearlessness and detachment is the fundamental requirement for advancing in meditation. As the cognitive perceptive mind penetrates deeper into the modification of the mind and the subconsciousness, there will be lots of ‘rubbish’ that the mind needs to confront and deal with but without grasping/craving/aversion, under fearlessness and detachment.

Limitation of the actions and speech of the physical body will lead to the limitation of the thoughts activity in the mind, and thus observing Mouna (silence) and maintaining a steady posture is essential for the practice of meditation.

When the thoughts current/activity in the mind are slowing down and reduced, the mind will be experiencing subtler level of the consciousness, seeing the truth of itself, and attaining greater peace of mind.

When the mind stops moving (thoughtless), when all the sense organs and senses ceased functioning, when the intellect and the ego absorbed into silence, it is the state of Samadhi (silence), selfless pure consciousness and pure existence. No name, no form, no sound, no smell, no taste, no colour, no shape, no quality, no ignorance, no wisdom, no birth and no death.

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