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Friday, February 6, 2015

I want to be a great yoga teacher to inspire other people to practice yoga?

"I want to be a great yoga teacher one day to inspire other people to practice yoga to have peace and happiness."

This is full of love and good intention for somebody who practices yoga, to have great aspiration, aspires to be a great yoga teacher one day in the future, aspires to inspire other people to practice yoga, to have peace and happiness.

If I think there is something wonderful, and I want to have this wonderful thing, I also have good intention and great aspiration to share this wonderful thing with others, in hope that others will also have this wonderful thing that I have, then although this is something good for myself and for others, but I am not free yet.

Though this is a very good motivation to motivate me to immerse into my own yoga practice to make this great aspiration be materialized one day.

If there's something in us or something that we have that can inspire other people to also have the same thing, then it will come naturally as it is when it is matured, without any intention nor expectation.

Something that is pure, it's free from egoism (I), pride or identification (I am very good, or I have something good), desire (I want to), attachment, intention and expectation (I want to inspire other people to be good, or I want other people to also have the the good thing that I have.)

Naturally as we develop insight and realize the truth, we can share the knowledge that we acquired through insight with other people, without the idea of "I am sharing this knowledge with others. In hope that others will be benefited from this knowledge."

We don't need to become a great yoga teacher. We don't need to have aspiration to inspire other people to practice yoga. We don't need to have good intention to benefit other people through our aspiration.

People are inspired by another being for different reasons without any intention from that being aspires to be inspiring to inspire anyone.

Compassion comes naturally. Though aspire to be compassionate is also good for oneself and the society.

Om shanti.

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