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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 11 - Truthfulness

If we want to know the Truth, we ourselves need to be able to be truthful to ourselves and to others at all time. Only then the Truth will reveal itself to us. There shouldn’t be any hypocrisy and dishonesty in our daily conducts and during our conversations and dealings with others.

But how many of us are afraid of being true and honest in front of others?
We are afraid of letting others know about our little secrets and weaknesses. We are afraid of being honest and straightforward. We like to hide and boast a little about everything.
It is the ego that is doing all of these actions if there is attachment towards the ego and identified ourselves with it under the influence of ignorance.

There is no sincerity at all in any relationship or dealing, if there is trace of untruthfulness in it. Everyone is wearing a mask or a few masks designed by own self to suit the people out there in order to gain their agreement, support, liking, friendship and money. There’s nothing wrong but it's lack of sincerity. It is just a deal to get what we want from other people. And since we are untruthful to others, we can never develop trust in others because we have the notion that others will not be truthful to us too.

What friendship is there if we cannot be truthful to each other? It is just a game of hypocrisy that people like to play nowadays.

True friends are not many and if we have one, we are very lucky and grateful. It is difficult to preserve a long term and good friendship, but it is so easy to break one up.

Anyway friends are real friend if they lift us up in developing our conscience and self-control, and becoming a better person. And if they don’t, but pull us down, they are our enemy instead.

Nowadays, many people see this noble act (truthfulness) as a weakness in the world of business and competition, as well as in any form of relationship. This is because people have selfishness and want to protect their own benefits and selfish desires.

There is nothing wrong to protect ourselves. But our untruthfulness and lies will be hurting the people who believe in our words and trust us with their sincere heart.

When there is no truthfulness, there will be no trust. If there is no trust, we will have no peace in the mind at all whether in a relationship, or friendship, or partnership in business.
It will be very unhappy for ourselves, if others don’t have trust in us, or if we don’t have trust in anyone that we are dealing with. We will be troubled by doubt every moment. It’s so exhausting for our mind.

Once we told a lie or didn't deliver our words, our trustworthy will be destroyed for a very long time. We need to make sure that we mean what we say and we can deliver what we have promised other people.

In order to cover up a lie, we need to make up so many lies after that. Even others won’t know about it, but we will always know the truth and it will torment our mind forever.

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