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Friday, June 2, 2023

All are compassionate beings deriving out of compassion

All and everything, regardless of agreeable or disagreeable, are existing under the presence of compassion, the many different intentionless selfless elements that enable all and everything to be forming, changing, decaying and disintegrating, or to be arising, changing and passing away, under the influence of the nature's law of cause and effect.

All are compassionate beings deriving out of compassion, regardless of whether they are under the influence of ignorance and egoism, or not, and whether they are behaving, acting and reacting in the way that the minds refer as good or evil, kind or unkind, selfish or unselfish. Without compassion, and without the cause for it to be existing, there's none and nothing.

Compassion is nothing to do with what the worldly passionate egoistic minds refer as being good and kind, good actions, kindness, non-violence, righteousness, unselfishness, charity, generosity, forgiveness, caring, sympathy, or empathy. It doesn't belong to those who are being recognized by oneself and others as good and kind beings, or unselfish beings, or empathetic and compassionate beings, under the presence or possession of certain qualities that the minds refer as the quality of good, kind, unselfish, empathy or compassion.

Compassion is not a particular quality, or sentiment, or behavior, or action and reaction, or way of life, or choice of food consumption.

It's what all and everything are, regardless of whether the minds are good and kind, or not. It exists in all, that allows all and everything being what they are, including the most evil beings, ignorant beings, or suffering beings.

It's whether the minds realized or haven't realized that.

Upon the realization towards selflessness and compassion, the truth of selflessness and impermanence in all kind of names and forms is still what it is, it doesn't change into something else that it is not, however, the minds can be free from restlessness and suffering, transcending all kind of pleasant and unpleasant, desirable and undesirable, agreeable and disagreeable selfless impermanent changes, not being determined or disturbed by the selfless impermanent changes, or the good and bad, agreeable and disagreeable actions and reactions and their consequences, interactions and experiences, conditions and situations in the world.

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