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Friday, June 19, 2020

Inquire the root cause of separateness and discrimination

In many different society, community and nationality with different ethnics and cultures in the world, there's something in common that everyone think and believe as something good and right, "You must be grateful to your own family, tribe, culture, community and country, and you must give back to your own people and protect your own people from any external threat/intimidation/invasion/hostility."

Human beings are being brought up in such way at home, at school, at work, in the community and country, for how they think and what they believe as good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative, should and shouldn't, appropriate and inappropriate, being trained to be 'loyal', 'patriotic' and 'caring' for their own people/family/ethnicity/tribe/culture/community/country.

There it goes and expands, separateness and discrimination exist everywhere in the world, even in those who think and believe that they are going against 'discrimination' and fighting for 'non-discrimination'.

As even the identification of "We are citizen/human beings of the world. The entire world is our home, and we shouldn't discriminate one another in the world", is not free from the idea of "We need to be grateful to our own beings. We must give back to our own beings and protect our own beings and our home" that generates separateness and discrimination towards 'non-citizen/human beings of the world', or 'outsiders', or 'foreigners', or 'aliens', as there are countless worlds in countless universes.

Those who truly know what is the source of 'discrimination' and 'non-discrimination', there's no need to go against 'discrimination' or fight for 'non-discrimination', as 'discrimination' doesn't exist in those who are free from any sort of identification, and 'non-discrimination' doesn't exist upon the absence of 'discrimination'.

Everyone without 'any identification with any names and forms' can be contributing or giving back to the world, and can be kind and compassionate and helpful towards anyone without any 'discrimination' towards anyone under different names and forms, without the idea of "I need to be grateful to give back to my own people/beings and protect my own people/beings." Unfortunately, not many minds can truly understand this.

It's common reaction that most people would get offended upon coming in contact with this teaching, and categorized this kind of teaching as 'bad', 'wrong', or even 'dangerous/threatening' towards what they think and believe as 'we, us and ours', of their own particular family, ethnicity, tribe, culture, community, or country, as they feel threatened by such teaching that they think would 'destroy' their 'bubble' of 'a strong family/ethnicity/tribe/culture/community/country, where they believe it's essential to have 'strong identification as one of us', 'loyalty', 'patriotism' or 'caring for our own people/beings' in order to protect one another within that family/ethnicity/tribe/culture/community/country from any 'external' threat/intimidation/invasion/hostility from 'outsiders', 'foreigners', 'aliens', or 'those who are not one of us.'

If people really want the world to evolve or progress 'healthily', people need to free their own minds from ignorance and egoism, and see the truth of the root cause of all 'humanity problems' in the world.

It's okay if many people don't like to hear this, and the world continues to evolve as it is, under the influence of ignorance and egoism. In less than 150 years or so, all kinds of people existing now, regardless of whether under the influence of ignorance and egoism, or not, whether people think and believe themselves are good or not good enough, selfish or unselfish, contributing to good or bad happenings, will all be gone. Although the left behind damages derived from ignorance and egoism might last a little longer in the world for the next generations to deal with. Just like now, we all are dealing with the damages derived from ignorance and egoism that left behind from the previous generations.

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