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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 32 - Our happiness and the environment

It is sad that the world is becoming very ill due to human ignorance. Most of us have taken advantage of the nature, without showing gratitude and appreciation for it.

How ignorant is the human beings to have war to be fighting and killing each other due to selfish egoism, greed, separateness, discrimination, pride, hatred and desires. So much harmful chemicals are produced and released into the space, polluting the earth, water and air. So much hatred, painful sorrow and damage was generated through war and violence.

Most of the food and drinks that is on the market nowadays are all full of chemicals, artificial flavorings, colouring, preservatives and conditioners. Even in the daily cleaning products and personal care that we are using, there are so much chemical in it. All the drugs or medicines that we are taking in when we are sick may induce some other function failure in our body.

It seems like the more high-tech the world is becoming, the more of the pollution and the more dangerous of the environment is affecting our health physically and mentally.

This is what it means about something positive also have some negative elements in it. It is neither a good thing nor a bad thing.

We shouldn’t blame the high-tech inventions because they give us so much convenience, enjoyment and comfort in life. The problem is that we had neglected the environment and didn’t take care of the environment in the very beginning at the same time while we were enjoying all those high-tech conveniences.

When the weather is too hot, we are so grateful that there is air-conditioner. When the weather is too cold, we will be so grateful that there is heater. Such as cars and airplanes, they let us travel to many distant places. There is nothing wrong to enjoy all these facilities, but it is not right either if these conveniences will cause damages to the environment, directly or indirectly.

It is like if we want the companionship of another person to share life and live together, of course we also have to accept the weaknesses and the different culture and habits of that person. We need to adjust, adapt and tolerate our differences with each other.

But if we are selfish people or one of  us is selfish, and this will only create lots of damages into the relationship and hurting each other all the time, until so much bitterness and hatred being generated. What is love and relationship if two people start to hate and hurt each other?

If the world is sick, there is no healthy environment for us to live in, there is no basic healthy food and drinks for us to keep alive, it doesn’t matter if we have lots of money, and hence what is so important of getting our desires fulfilled, such as having beautiful appearance, big house and big car, success career and leisure enjoyments, satisfying all our wants, and at the same time, moaning and complaining about things that we don’t like, if this basic life requirement is not available to us?

All human beings should put aside the differences of the genders, the skin colours, the looks, the languages, the cultures, the beliefs, the religions, the characters and personalities, likes and dislikes, old or young, healthy or sick, smart or less smart, being labeled as good or bad, rich or poor, we all are depending on these elements of the nature , and all are sharing this same space in the universe, and should work together to improve the overall condition of the world that doesn't belong to us or anyone.

But first it has to start with ourselves, purifying our mind to be free from ignorance and impurities.

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