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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My daily asana practice 2020 calmness - yoga practice for the mind

This is part of my daily asana practice.

Through prolonged period of persistent regular self-practice in solitude without attachment, identification or expectation, without straining the body or without forcing the body beyond its limitation, with the correct understanding and attitude while performing the yoga asana practice that might be different in each practice according to the present condition of the physical body and the state of the mind, allowing the practice and the fruit of practice being what it is, until the body and the mind developed the effortless physical and mental endurance and adaptability, turning the outgoing mind inward living in the present dispassionately free from the desire of craving and aversion, being undetermined by all the different quality of names and forms of impermanent life experiences and conditions, naturally, the practice will become effortless, and the mind will be rendered calm and quiet selflessly and intentionlessly. It's not about the ability, the performance and the benefit of doing the different yoga asana poses or movements. It's letting go the ego and egoism. All is impermanent.

Wishing everyone peace during this time being.

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