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Saturday, May 6, 2023

Go beyond auspiciousness and inauspiciousness, positiveness and negativeness

There's nothing wrong with some minds strongly believe in auspiciousness and inauspiciousness, and be determined or disturbed by the absence of what they believe as auspiciousness or the presence of what they believe as inauspiciousness. Similarly, some minds also strongly believe in positiveness and negativeness, and be determined or disturbed by the absence of what they believe as positiveness or the presence of what they believe as negativeness. These minds have the urge or need to be performing certain actions/rituals, or possessing certain objects such like specific accessories, decorations, objects or plants of particular shape, colour, smell, sound, texture and material to be keeping closely on one's physical body or in one's living space and surrounding environment, to be evoking or attracting what they believe as auspiciousness and positiveness, while avoiding or getting rid of what they believe as inauspiciousness and negativeness.

This is merely because the minds are still functioning under the influence of ignorance, being conditioned by the perceived duality in all kind of names and forms, where the minds are still being the slave of the desire of craving and aversion unwittingly, there's craving towards what the minds believe as goodness, and there's aversion towards what the minds believe as badness, as the minds haven't attained direct realization towards non-duality, oneness, non-separateness, or selflessness, namelessness, formlessness and attributelessness.

It's neither right nor wrong, just that the minds are not free.

Inquire towards the essential teachings of yoga and buddhism about simplicity.

Why did Siddhartha Gautama Buddha reject the gift of something that was made and decorated with the top quality 'majestic' and 'luxurious' materials, accessories and decorations that the minds think and believe as representing something highly auspicious and grand that would portray and glorify the majestic nobility of someone and something like the enlightened buddha and the dhamma, that the minds think and believe as someone and something that deserve such majestic, luxurious or auspicious presentation, acknowledgement, glorification, appearance, image, or housing?

Just as there are still many so called buddhist associations or organizations in the world run by minds that are still under the influence of ignorance and egoism would keep asking for public donations to support their vision and ambition to build more and bigger buildings that would be decorated with gold and some other 'luxurious' or so called 'auspicious' accessories and decorations that they think and believe as something representing, or portraying, or glorifying the majestic auspiciousness of the enlightened buddhas or the precious dhamma, where certain 'names and forms', or 'behaviors', or 'words', or 'objects' that the minds think and believe as something 'inauspicious', or 'belittling', or 'disrespectful', or 'offensive' towards the buddhas or the dhamma, are strictly prohibited within the compound of those buildings where they host many statues of different buddhas that are being decorated with either gold or some other kind of 'luxurious' or 'auspicious' materials, as well as to host many buddhism or dhamma books and related materials. They encourage the mass to give donations under the good intention of accumulating merits and virtues or good karma for oneself and one's loved ones as well as the next generations, which is nothing but empowering ignorance and egoism of attachment, identification, the desire of craving and aversion, and expectation.

A liberated being or mind, that has attained realization towards selflessness, namelessness, formlessness and attributelessness, that is void of ignorance and egoism, that is void of pride, desire, craving, aversion, greed, fear, intention, and etc, where nothing can hurt or destroy that which is selfless, nameless, formless and attributeless, doesn't need anything to represent, or portray, or acknowledge, or maintain, or protect, or empower, or glorify itself or the dhamma, being what it is.

What is auspiciousness and inauspiciousness, or positiveness and negativeness, for the liberated minds that are void of ignorance and egoism?

The dhamma, will always be there as it is, nameless and formless, attributeless and changeless, beyond time, space and causation, which can never be hurt, disrespected, offended, manipulated, or destroyed.

It's merely the ignorant ego or idea of 'I' in the mind, that needs to be empowered, acknowledged, respected, glorified, maintained and protected with what the mind thinks and believes as something respectful, luxurious, auspicious, positive, glorious, or majestic, while justifying that it's for protecting and propagating buddhism and the dhamma, attracting more minds to be learning and practicing buddhism or the dhamma, even when the essential teachings of buddhism and yoga, is about all is impermanent, including the limited form of dhamma that exists under certain names and forms, will also subject to impermanent changes and can be manipulated and destroyed, even though the nameless and formless dhamma as it is, is infinite and changeless, that never increase or decrease, that can never be hurt, or manipulated, or destroyed by anything.

Just as there are minds have the great desire/aspiration/ambition to go against, or slow down, or delay, or prevent, or reverse impermanent changes of the limited selfless impermanent physical body, by thinking optimistically, living positively and eating healthily. It's neither right nor wrong. It's their freedom of thinking, desire and action. Just that it doesn't change the truth of selfless impermanence in all kind of names and forms, of decaying, and eventually, disintegrating.

Yoga or buddhism practitioners also can be thinking optimistically, living positively and eating healthily if they want, if possible, to minimize or lessen unnecessary physical and mental suffering for oneself and others, however, it's not because of aversion towards impermanent changes and desiring to fight against impermanent changes, but respecting the impermanent changes as they are, without attachment or identification.

Such as one knows that if over-eating any type of food will cause indigestion, discomfort or even sickness to the physical body, one has the awareness and self-control not to be over-eating any kind of food, so that it doesn't cause unnecessary inconvenience or suffering to oneself as well as to those who have to be looking after oneself if oneself is down with certain sickness due to over-eating certain type of food. But it's not because "I don't want to be fat," or "I don't want any sickness or suffering."

Realize this, and be free.

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