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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Somewhere in between insufficiency and abundance

Just like everything else, there's neither good nor bad about poverty and wealthiness, if the mind is void of ignorance and egoistic attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, comparison, judgment and expectation, being free from discontentment, greed and selfishness, where one is able to adapt to the different conditions without being determined by the different conditions, as well as making use of the different conditions to be doing something beneficial for oneself and the world.

Both conditions have their own pros and cons, and their consequences that impact the world in certain way.

Regardless of living under the condition of poverty or wealthiness, one might be performing actions under any condition that might harm oneself, the others or the environment, out of ignorance and egoism, out of desperation, discontentment, insecurity, fear, greed and selfishness. One might also be using the existing challenging poverty condition to be constantly improving oneself without attachment, identification or expectation, or using the existing wealthy condition to be doing something beneficial for looking after the well-being of the world, without attachment, identification or expectation.

Under the era of such advanced science and technology, where many people in certain areas in the world are living under extreme comfortable condition, with many conveniences and endless pleasurable enjoyments, where people are throwing out excess food that they couldn't manage to sell or eat everyday, all and everyone in the world should have enough basic needs for living, not just merely enough for survival, not to say, none should be living under the state of insufficiency, where there's no proper shelter or not enough nutritional food.

One doesn't need to be wealthy to be having that kind of enough basic needs for living, that is free from the state of insufficiency, where there should be sufficient income for accessing affordable shelter and nutritional food for all and everyone, if none is being greedy and selfish to be accumulating and hoarding unlimited wealth that empowers many corruptions in the world, that are responsible for many exploitation and destruction towards nature, natural resources, animals and human beings, that are impacting regional and global food production and supply, and contributing towards unjust distribution of income and food supply around the world.

There are many other options in between insufficiency and abundance, that doesn't need to be exploiting or harming all and everything to the maximum just because some greedy and selfish human beings are being highly ambitious to be attaining and possessing unlimited wealth or abundance.

It's good to be constantly improving oneself and one's living condition, however, one needs to be endowed with contentment and non-greediness as well, by knowing and stopping at the point of 'financially sufficient enough for living' without exploiting or harming anyone or anything in order to be accumulating more and more wealth beyond the point of 'sufficient enough for living'. That is true self-improvement. One can still be constantly improving oneself after stop accumulating wealth. Self-improvement is nothing to do with wealth accumulation. Unfortunately, many people are being empowered to put the two together on each end of the weighing scale. Those who constantly improving themselves and their wealth accumulation without a stopping point until causing harm and destruction to all and everything out of limitless discontentment and greed, might be being admired by many others as 'the most successful people/influencers in the world', but not really.

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