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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Want to learn and practice yoga? (5)

The kind and sympathetic mind or the intelligent and knowledgeable mind can be free from suffering if it knows what is non-attachment, non-identification, non-craving, non-aversion, non-judgment, non-comparison and non-expectation.

The mind can be very kind and sympathetic towards all kinds of suffering in other beings, and/or being intelligent and knowledgeable, but it might not be free from the suffering of disturbed, disappointment, frustration, dissatisfaction, irritation, annoyance, anger, hurts, grief or painful sorrow, if it doesn't know what is non-attachment.

There's nothing wrong, and it's normal for the untrained impure mind to feel disturbed, disappointment, frustration, dissatisfaction, irritation, annoyance, anger, hurts, grief or painful sorrow, and maybe some other kinds of feelings and emotions, it's only indicating that the mind is still functioning under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

The mind that is free from ignorance and egoism, that knows and respects the truth of selflessness and impermanence in all kinds of names and forms that is arising, changing and passing away governed by the nature law of cause and effect, that knows thyself, knowing what is going on in the modification of the mind, will be aware of the different kinds of agreeable and disagreeable names and forms, or pleasant and unpleasant experiences, that are happening to oneself and/or other beings and/or the surrounding environment, where it might feel sympathy and empathy towards other beings' difficulties and suffering, while it might or might not be performing certain actions that might or might not bring certain improvement or relief, but without being determined or disturbed by the names and forms or experiences, without attachment, identification or expectation towards one's action/inaction and the fruit of action/inaction, without intention to change and control the names and forms to be something that the mind likes, agrees with and desires.

Accumulating and memorizing a lot of knowledge about the teachings doesn't mean anything, if the mind doesn't practice the teachings, and doesn't realize the teachings through direct experience via self-inquiry and self-realization.

The mind that thinks and believes that itself already had studied and knew a lot about many different kinds of teachings through reading and hearing, with the notion of, "I'd already learned a lot of philosophies about this and that. I know enough. I don't need to be repeatedly hearing the same philosophies again and again from different teachers. Now, I just want to learn to do some physical movements/positions that I would like my body be able to do, that makes my mind feels good, positive, healthy, strong and meaningful. That's all. I don't want to keep hearing some teachings that I already read and heard many times." Then obviously, this mind hasn't been practicing any of the teachings/knowledge that it learned and remembered, even though it has been accumulating a lot of knowledge about many teachings from here and there. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's mere ignorance.

Most untrained minds would spontaneously feel being judged when they come in contact with or hear the teachings that aren't directing towards anyone personally, but merely in general, about how the impure egoistic minds are being conditioned to behave, act and react unwittingly, where many minds naturally relate such ignorant egoistic behavior, action and reaction being mentioned in the teachings to their own behavior, action and reaction, and thus, they think and feel that they were being judged, criticized and attacked by the teachings and/or the teachers who are disseminating the teachings. "Are you talking about me? Why are you talking about me and judging/criticizing/attacking me?" This is also nothing wrong, and it's a very common and normal reaction of the impure egoistic minds, but it's only indicating that the minds are reacting in such way under the influence of ignorance.

The teachings and/or the teachers who disseminate the teachings to the student(s) don't have intention to be judging or criticizing anyone, but merely being what they are, as they are, to allow the minds to reflect upon oneself, to be initiative to learn how to discipline and purify the impure egoistic modification of the mind, to annihilate ignorance and egoism through self-effort, independently.

Most egoistic minds will have strong reaction of annoyance and defensiveness towards certain teachings that relate to themselves, and don't like to hear or practice the teachings that are pointing out the ignorance in the impure mind, and to be doing something about it. For the minds that are being conditioned to behave, act and react under the influence of ignorance and egoism, it's absolutely normal and nothing wrong or bad about how they themselves behave, act and react, and hence, they don't think that there's any urgency to transform the egoistic behavior of the mind, as they think and believe that all their suffering and misery, as well as how their mind behaves, acts and reacts, are induced or caused by other beings who were/are being bad and wrongful towards them. "It's because of you, and your bad behavior are hurting me, that's why I am behaving, acting and reacting like this."

The minds that reflect upon everything, and realized what is going on in itself, are aware of all their mind's behaviors, actions and reactions are the responsibility of the mind itself. And this understanding will free the mind from all kinds of corrupted thinking and suffering that arise due to ignorance or incorrect understanding. What others think and don't think, and how others behave/don't behave, act/don't act and react/don't react, are their own freedom and responsibility, but it cannot determine this mind to behave, act and react in certain way, unless this mind allows that to be happening. And when this mind behaves, acts and reacts in certain way, it's its own freedom and responsibility, it's nothing to do with other minds being good or bad, right or wrong, kind or unkind.

There's nothing wrong if the mind is still feeling hurt and being miserable towards certain undesirable, disagreeable and unpleasant experiences/objects/people/names and forms, and is still have clinging and longing towards certain desirable, agreeable and pleasant experiences/objects/people/names and forms. It just needs to take its own pace and effort to keep practicing and keep purifying until it starts to see what is really going on in itself.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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