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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 24 - the power of thoughts

The perception of the world out there is indeed a reflection of what is inside us.

The power of thoughts is greater than we can imagine. It is molding the world of perception for each individual. A positive mind perceives the world positively and creates a positive world. While a negative mind perceives the world negatively and creates a negative world.

That’s why although everyone is living in the same dimension, but everyone has a different perception of their own world, and encounter different happenings in their lives. The positive mind is attracting positive happenings and so thus the negative mind is attracting negative happenings.

If we can change ourselves and our mind set, we will see the changes in our life in short time. The thoughts in the mind are the key to our own destiny. We create our own karma. We are responsible for the outcome of our life, what we are now and what we are becoming. We are responsible for ourselves.

From the surface, it looks like we are being conditioned by the law of nature. It is not wrong. But when we look deeper into ‘where does suffering come from’, we will find out that actually we are being conditioned by our own mind.

If we can free ourselves from the duality produced in the mind, we will be free from ignorant, likes and dislikes, fear and worries. The world that seemed like not so perfect will now seems so perfect. It is okay for everything to be what they are.

We are powerless at being conditioned as a living being and the fact is that our thoughts is constantly changing from good to bad, from bad to good, and this phenomena of impermanence unceasingly crops up in our mind with or without our awareness of it.

By the practice of Yoga Asana, Pranayama, and meditation, they can help us to develop awareness, eradicate impurities, quite the mind and slow down the speed of the thoughts, so that we can observe our mind and sensations more easily, and we can have certain control over the mind and influence the thoughts.

Such like headstand (Sirshasan) can help us to let go the fear in us and other negative thinking, and develop courage and go beyond what we thought we can achieve.

The more positive thinking, action and speech we developed, the more positive thoughts there are. The more negative thinking, action and speech we developed, the more negative thoughts there are.

Imagine when a group of people are having negative thoughts at the same time together and how powerful that can be to create so much tension and fear in the atmosphere even though nobody is doing anything, just by thinking of it?

That’s why all the teachings from the sages emphasized on purification of the mind, along with stop doing bad and do good, practice detachment and be at the present moment.

There’s no point if we are doing a lot of good, but at the same time doing a lot of bad also. Like a container has a big leakage at the bottom, it can never fill up whatever the content is.

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