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Thursday, August 27, 2020

How to live in the present?

Whether the mind is aware or unaware, agrees or disagrees, there's nothing else other than NOW. There's no living outside of NOW. It's always being in NOW, living in NOW, regardless of the ignorant impure egoistic mind is always wandering between the remembrance towards 'the past memory of impermanent changes of names and forms that the mind perceived as something pleasant/happy/enjoyable or unpleasant/unhappy/suffering' and the anticipation/projection towards 'the future being in certain way that the mind perceived as desirable or undesirable'.

Due to the function of the memory of remembering/observing the process of the impermanent changes of names and forms, from birth, to growth, to aging, to decaying, to old age, and to death, of all kinds of desirable/undesirable and pleasant/unpleasant experience/relationship, on top of the movement of the earth in NOW that generate the perception of day/brightness and night/darkness as well as the natural interchange cycle of the state of rest/sleep and waking, and the mechanism of the movement of the clock or watch that generate the strong idea of the existence of 'time', of past, present and future.

One can perform this experiment of watching the entire process of cooking the bread in the oven. The action of watching all the changes in the entire process of cooking the dough to become bread, is always in NOW.

Under the function of the timer/clock/watch, the bread takes about '40 minutes' to be cooking from the form of a dough to become a ready to eat bread. But the bread is always being cooking in NOW, and keep cooking in NOW until the bread is ready and stop cooking, which is also in NOW. The process of cooking the bread through the high heat produced by the oven that changes the entire structure/texture/taste of the dough to become the form of bread, that generates continuous changes of the form of the dough/bread from moment to moment is always in NOW, in this present moment.

No matter how much/little and what type of changes are happening in this present moment, it's always in NOW.

One might remember one has slept for a few hours earlier, but the remembrance of 'that' is in NOW. It's always [I am sleeping/not awake], [I am awake/not sleeping], [I am doing something], [I am not doing something/anything], and constantly remembering [I was sleeping], [I was awake], [I slept], [I didn't sleep], [I did something] or [I didn't do something/anything] in NOW, while the body is going through impermanent changes ceaselessly.

The witness/observer of impermanent changes is timeless, it's always NOW. There's neither a past nor a future. The mind might be remembering 'the past experiences/impermanent changes' and imagining/anticipating 'the future anticipation', being aware of many people/beings had lived and died, many things/relationships had appeared and disappeared, many feelings/sensations had arose and passed away, but all these modifications are always in NOW.

The physical body and the thinking mind is always living/going through impermanent changes in NOW, until the process of death/decomposition takes place, it's also in NOW. The process of aging/decaying is always happening in NOW, until death/decomposition takes place, in NOW.

If the mind is free from or knows how to detach/unattached towards the remembrance of all the impermanent changes of desirable/undesirable and pleasant/unpleasant perception of names and forms or experiences, there's no hurt, or grief, or sorrow, or regret, or guilt. If the mind is free from or knows how to detach/unattached towards the imagination/anticipation towards 'the future', there's no fear or worry.

It's either one is okay or not okay, comfortable or uncomfortable, in NOW, in this present. It's normal and nothing wrong if one is not okay or uncomfortable in NOW. Whether one is okay and comfortable, or not, this is impermanent and it is changing and passing away.

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