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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Disciplining the mind is stern stuff

"One must try to get more insults. Even if people think that he is a good man, he should try to make them feel that he is a rogue and thus get rid of their love for him. The whole world should oppose him. Then only he will prosper. The whole world should desert him and kick him aside. No earthly happiness can bring true realization. All should hate him. Then only his soul will be disciplined. There should be no help from the world of the mortals."


- Swami Sivananda, Essence of Vedanta

Nowadays, many people think and believe that they love yoga and are practicing and teaching yoga doing many different styles of yoga and attained many different types of yoga certificates affiliated to certain yoga alliance, yoga organization and yoga association, and call themselves 'yogi'. Some even 'invent' their own brand of 'xxx' yoga, and trademark that as their new invention of 'yoga'.

But when come to the practice of dispassion and renunciation, seclusion and solitude, most of the 'yoga enthusiasts' will shake their head, "Nope, that is not the yoga that I know or want to practice. I don't need to renounce the world. I love life. I love people. I love being passionate. I want to be connected with as many people as possible and I am passionate towards creating a loving community in the world that care for one another passionately. To me, the saddest thing in the world is there's not enough love and connection between people in the world. Many people are suffering because they are not getting enough love through connection with other people. People need love. I want to give love to the people and connecting everyone with love. I feel happy when I can make other people happy. That is the most meaningful thing to me and in my life. For me, this is the love sharing yoga that I know that I want to practice and teach."

That's their freedom.

For those who truly want to practice yoga for disciplining the mind, they need to be endowed with at least certain degrees of wisdom to be aware of ignorance and egoism even before performing any so called 'yoga practice' that serves as a tool to purify and quiet the mind to prepare the mind for self-inquiry and meditation, to attain self-realization, to be free from ignorance and the suffering deriving from ignorance.

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