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Friday, September 16, 2022

Transcending duality

Upon the absence of ignorance, egoism and impurities in the minds, all kinds of perceived names and forms (selfless and impermanent), or experiences (desirable or undesirable/pleasant or unpleasant), or actions and the fruit of actions (success or failure/fruitful or fruitless/agreeable or disagreeable), are just what they are, or everything is neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative, neither meaningful nor meaningless.

It depends on the different states of the different minds, functioning under the presence of the different degrees of ignorance, egoism and impurities, of the different intention, desire and expectation, under the influence of different thinking, belief, values and practice, that are determining how the impure egoistic minds react towards all kinds of perceived names and forms, that gives rise to either the sense of goodness or badness, positiveness or negativeness, and meaningfulness or meaninglessness, deriving from how the minds react, compare, judge, desire or expect towards the different names and forms, or the different experiences, or the different actions and the fruit of actions.

As long as the mind still thinks and believes that 'This' is good, positive and meaningful, because it is agreeable, desirable and pleasant to this mind, or 'That' is bad, negative and meaningless, because it is disagreeable, undesirable and unpleasant to this mind, or the mind tries to project the quality of 'goodness', 'positiveness' and 'meaningfulness' in all kinds of names and forms, by thinking and believing that all and everything is 'good', 'positive' and 'meaningful', that there is nothing 'bad', 'negative' and 'meaningless', then this mind is not free, even if all and everything appeared to be 'good', 'positive' and 'meaningful' for this mind, in this moment.

Life existence that is selfless and impermanent, that is limited and conditioned by time, space and causation, is just what it is. Life is neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative, neither meaningful nor meaningless. Trying to find 'goodness', 'positiveness' or 'meaningfulness' in life existence that is selfless and impermanent, while restlessly trying to perform and accomplish certain actions and fruit of actions in order to be developing, maintaining and empowering the sense of goodness, positiveness and meaningfulness that is impermanent, it's not freedom at all.

Keep practicing, or in other terms, keep letting go egoism of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, judgment and expectation, until the mind transcends duality, realizing everything is just what it is, that all are neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative, neither meaningful nor meaningless. This mind won't be determined or disturbed by the selfless impermanent changes in all kinds of names and forms, regardless of whether they are agreeable or disagreeable, desirable or undesirable, pleasant or unpleasant. This mind is free from the desire of craving (towards names and forms that give rise to the sense of goodness, positiveness and meaningfulness) and aversion (towards names and forms that give rise to the sense of badness, negativeness and meaninglessness.) That is liberation.

The minds that are free, can be performing many selfless actions in the world that might or might not help the world to have less unnecessary human made problems and suffering out of ignorance and egoism, without being disturbed or determined by all kinds of ignorance and the consequences of ignorance in the world.

Many of the powerful/wealthy human beings in the world that built their power/wealth/security/pride/comfort/enjoyment by exploiting nature, natural resources, advance science and technology, human beings, animals and all kinds of objects/affairs/desperation/fear/suffering might be free from many kinds of limitation or restriction while existing and living in this world due to their status of power and wealth, however, these minds are nothing but the slaves of ignorance and egoism, as if these minds are free from the influence of ignorance and egoism, of limitless greed, desire and pride, there won't be any exploitation towards anyone or anything, building one's power and wealth out of the suffering and limitation of many others in the world, in the first place. It's incredible and yet unfortunate that many young people are being encouraged to be admiring towards and be inspired by such 'human beings'.

Like everything else, power and wealth are neither good nor bad. It can be used to perform wise and compassionate actions that benefits the world in certain way, or it can be used to perform intentional and unintentional actions that cause many suffering and destruction in the world. It's about the absence or presence of ignorance and egoism.

'Studying hard, in order to be working hard, in order to become one of those powerful and wealthy human beings in the world by exploiting all and everything to the maximum', it's not success at all.

It's somewhat true that, if without 'exploiting' something/someone or everything/everyone, either directly or indirectly, to gain maximum profits in this world, none can become 'wealthy' or 'super wealthy', however, there's nothing wrong about 'not being wealthy', or more so, 'not being super wealthy'. Capable of enduring hardships or simplicity, refraining from harming/exploiting anyone and anything in order to become 'wealthy' or 'super wealthy', while being free from craving towards 'the luxurious life of unlimited comfort and enjoyment way of living being served by others' and being free from fear or aversion towards 'the modest simple life of limited comfort and enjoyment way of living', or even 'self-reliant way of living with certain hardships', is indeed the real form of 'successful human beings' in the world. Such 'rare' human beings should be the ones being admired by the young people, if people really want the world to be a better place for all and everyone non-discriminatively.

This is nothing to do with the different types of religion, spirituality or morality beliefs and teachings, that meant to be oppressing and controlling everyone to believe in certain beliefs and to behave in certain way. It's merely basic common sense of humanity. One doesn't need to be believing in and following any particular religious, spiritual or moral beliefs and teachings, for being capable to forbear hardships, not being greedy, and not harming/exploiting/taking advantage of someone or something in order to gain maximum profits to become 'wealthy' or 'super wealthy'.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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