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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 29 - The observer

Thoughts are not always in our control. But at least, and fortunately, we have the ability to be aware of the thoughts without association, attachment, identification, craving, aversion, judgement and expectation. This mind can train itself not to attach onto the thoughts that crop up in the mind and not being affected by it. It is difficult not to have thoughts, or only have the thoughts that we like and want. It's like we can not change the content of the movie, but we can watch it and stay detached. Just like the content of the dreams and the actions in the movies, they have no intention to affect anyone unless the audiences attached to the scenes and allow themselves to be affected by the scenes in dreams and movies. When things went wrong, they will say that it is the fault of the dreams and movies, but it is not at all. Blaming is one of the characteristics of the ego. It does not like to take responsibility for its own actions. It doesn’t like to be blamed also.

We really need to learn to take responsibility for ourselves, be responsible for our own actions and intentions that we had sent out to the surrounding, if we really want to understand why we are unhappy in the past and in the present moment, and to be able to know the Truth of what is really happening.

Under the function of the impure intellect and the presence of the selfish ego, the mind generates likes and dislikes, good and evil, right and wrong, praise and censure, superiority and inferiority, happiness and suffering, craving and aversion in the mind. If a mind is not awakened yet, it has no awareness about what is happening between the restless modifications of the mind, the intellect and the ego. It's all 'I', and only 'I'.

This mind or the thinking faculty of the brains has no idea that there is the selfless modifications of the mind and there is the function of the intellect that is also selfless, while there is an ego or the idea of 'I' existing out of ignorance and egoism, and all these give rise to the selfless impermanent mind perception of a selfless impermanent worldly life existence experiencing pleasantness and unpleasantness, or happiness and suffering.

It is constantly being influenced by and under the control of the selfless impure modifications of the mind and its selfless functions.

It thought that it was 'I' that is doing all the thinking, act and react as 'I' desire according to 'my' likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, desire and don't desire.

It identifies itself with the modification of the mind and its functions, thinking that the modifications of the mind and its functions and 'me' are one thing, that’s 'I'.

It's like when the mind is having a dream, it has no awareness that it is just a dream, but the dream is merely part of the function of the selfless impermanent modifications of the mind, where the mind itself is only witnessing the dream. Out of ignorance, the mind is identifying with the dream and as the dreamer. The selfless dreams exist under the presence of this selfless mind, or the dreams are manifestation being manifested out of the selfless function of the mind, but yet, they don't belong to the mind, or the modification of the mind, or the function of the mind.

It's like the selfless impermanent physical body and the selfless impermanent perceptive cognitive thinking mind or the thinking faculty of the brains, they co-existing and functioning side by side selflessly, they inter-influencing each other selflessly, and yet, they don't belong to each other, or anyone. They exist and function under the support of many supportive selfless elements governed by cause and effect. However, under the veil of ignorance, there arise an idea of 'I' in the thinking mind that claimed ownership towards the physical body, the modification of the mind, the life existence, all kinds of relationships that are available in the life existence, all kinds of experiences, the world of selfless impermanent names and forms, and all kinds of objects as 'my' and 'mine'.

Under the veil of ignorance, the thinking mind is caught up in all the happenings or experiences in life perceived through the senses via the sense organs. It is caught up in the past accumulated thought waves released from the memory storage or the subconscious mind. It is also caught up in the wild imaginations or anticipations towards the future, or the unknown.

It attaches onto and identifies with the selfless impermanent feelings and emotions, and becomes restless swaying between different feelings and emotions that are arising and passing away selflessly. It is confused about what it really wants and doesn't want. It acts and reacts spontaneously towards every single feeling/emotion/thought that arises in the modification of the mind. It is living in doubts, fears, worries, dissatisfaction, stress, tensions, hopes, hurts, frustration, irritation and disappointments at all time.

When a mind is free from ignorance and egoism, and upon the thoughts, actions and speech are purified, it has the awareness standing as the witness towards the selfless impermanent modification of the mind, or witnessing the selfless dreams without association or attachment. As the thinking mind attains self realization towards selflessness, upon the silence or annihilation of the modification of the mind, there's only the selfless consciousness, which is the selfless observer or silent witness resting in Turiya, beyond the waking state, dream state and deep sleep state.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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