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Friday, April 15, 2011

Non-dualism => no craving, no aversion => contentment & true happiness

There is only a fine "line" in between being happy and being unhappy, if we are identifying with the mind, the body and the worldly self-image, which generates the duality of good and bad, positive and negative, auspiciousness and inauspiciousness, happiness and suffering, likes and dislikes, craving and aversion towards all the names and forms (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and thoughts).

If we can "erase" that separation "line" with wisdom or correct knowledge, we will realize that there is no difference between the two extremities. They both are impermanent and they derive from the mind attaching to names and forms which have no intention nor quality to be good or bad, to be positive or negative, to give us happiness or suffering... True happiness is beyond the mind perception of happiness and unhappiness that come from names and forms.

We will stop categorize things or happenings into good or bad, enjoyment or suffering. We'll stop longing for happiness or rejecting unhappiness. We will stop craving for something called "good" and stop rejecting something called "bad". That's where the true contentment and confidence, unlimited and unconditional peacefulness and happiness are.

People come for some yoga retreats or yoga classes in search of happiness or hoping and expecting that "yoga classes" or "yoga retreats" or "yoga teachers" can or will give them happiness or make them happy or chase away their unhappiness. But they will be very disappointed because "yoga classes" or "yoga retreats" or "yoga teachers" cannot make these wishes come true. This is because true happiness or peacefulness is coming from within when we are able to let go of the ego (craving and aversion, selfishness, pride and arrogance) and not by looking outward expecting something "good" from the external to give us happiness or to make us happy or to make unhappiness disappears.

As long as we still rely or depend on something external (including yoga practice) to give us peacefulness or to make us feel good about ourselves, we will be disappointed because it won't satisfy our craving or longing for happiness or good feelings, unless we are willingly to let go of the identification with the ego and stop chasing after all the transitory names and forms to give us momentary satisfaction or happiness (which is the fundamental yoga practice every moment in us, dealing with our own mind and the ego, in our daily life experiences)...

Yoga practice (asana, pranayama and meditation) does give us momentary peacefulness and calmness of the mind, but this state of peacefulness and calmness is subject to impermanence and is conditional. We won't be at peace anymore if we don't do any external yoga practice. We will feel bad or be agitated or depressed when we don't do any yoga practice consists of asana, pranayama and meditation, because we identify with the body and the mind which is subject to impermanence and is influenced by energy and elements (which can be influenced by asana, pranayama and meditation practice to render it calm and quiet).

Yoga is to go beyond the identification with the body and the mind, and free ourselves from the influence of the energy and elements. Which also means that we are no longer being disturbed nor affected nor determined by the forever changing condition of the body and the mind which is influenced by energy and elements. Yoga practice like asana, pranayama and meditation are there to help us to purify the impurities in the mind, harmonize the energy field in the body and calming the mind, so that the mind is prepared and ready for deeper meditation (complete stillness of the mind - annihilation of thoughts (disappearance of duality that derives from perception of names and forms).

If we are free from the identification as the body and the mind, then no matter we are being in a positive or negative condition (surrounded by positive or negative people and environment), it won't affect us, nor determine us, nor change us for who we are or what we are or how we are (the practice of Pratyahara - Not affected nor disturbed by sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and thoughts)... We can be with people who have a very negative mind but we are not being affected nor influenced by them. Instead, we can help them by uplifting them away from negativities and share positive energy with them without being disturbed by them and we are not attached to our action and the result of our action (selfless and compassionate action).

Go beyond the craving for happiness and the aversion towards unhappiness, and stop identifying with the body and the mind, and we will realize that true happiness and unconditional peacefulness (which is not subject to the state of the mind or the condition of the body) is here and always within us. It never disappears nor fades away. It doesn't increase nor decrease. It is not affected by all the experiences that experience by the body and the mind...

*Some people are still being disturbed very much by the past unhappy happenings, and continue to be unhappy and be in fear at the present moment now, and will want to know how to be able to let go of the past unhappy memories that keep disturbing us emotionally at this present moment now even though those unhappy happenings are already finished or don't exist anymore?

The simple way is to know why we couldn't let go. Most people couldn't let go of any unhappy happenings is because they cannot forgive themselves nor forgive those who had inflicted or are related to the unhappy happenings that we experienced in the past.

Practice loving kindness and compassion. Be forgiving. Forgive ourselves and other beings whom had intentionally or unintentionally had caused us painful and unhappy experiences. Learn to accept the reality of the past as it is, not necessary the way that we want it to be. Accept that we cannot change the past nor undo it. Forgive everyone including our own self, and accept that we all are imperfect and we cannot please everybody nor can everybody please us the way that we want it to be. This will allow us to be able to let go of the past unhappy memories and move on our life without being disturbed by our past experiences.

Live at the present moment now, and have gratitude and appreciation towards all the "good" and "bad" experiences that we've been through which serve as training ground for us to realize compassion and selflessness (the path of yoga or self-realization), is the secret for true freedom, true confidence and true happiness.

Forgive and forget...

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  1. "There is no perfect recipe of outside circumstances and relationships that can provide me with happiness all the time, it’s simply a matter of being able to find a way to appreciate where I am and what I’m doing, regardless of what that may look like."


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