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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Inquire towards common human's behavior pattern that generates unnecessary disturbance unto oneself and others

"I am talking to you. Why are you not responding? Why don't you say something or ask other people how are they? This is so wrong and disrespectful. It's very unhealthy if you don't go out to meet people and interact with people. Normal people would care for one another by talking to each other, and have healthy communication and interaction with other human beings. You need to learn how to behave properly. You need to response to people who are talking to you, to have a healthy communication and interaction with one another."

This is a very common trait in many people of different diversities in the world of ignorance and egoism.

That is what egoism of attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, comparison, judgment and expectation is about.

Yoga practice is about freeing the mind from being conditioned by such passionate egoistic mind behavior pattern under the influence of certain passionate egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice.

There is nothing wrong with certain worldly minded passionate people who love and enjoy entertaining one another, by having social communication and interaction all the time, or else they will feel bored, unloved, lonely, left out and meaningless. Not only that they have expectation towards all and everyone should have 'normal' behavior of having communication and interaction with one another, but they also expect other people to be communicating and interacting with one another in certain way that they think and believe as 'good', 'right', 'positive', 'appropriateness', or 'meaningfulness', while causing unnecessary disturbance in themselves and others upon others are not thinking, behaving, acting and reacting in the same way like themselves. This mind behavior pattern can be reflected in many other kinds of human's behavior under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

There is also nothing wrong with certain people who do not want to entertain certain people or anyone, or do not want to pay attention and waste energy onto certain things that don't interest them.

Being kind and compassionate towards others selflessly and desirelessly, doesn't have to be under the presence of certain social communication or interaction that is limited by language or literacy. One doesn't need to know or speak the same language to understand what the person is saying or experiencing, to be aware of and understand that this person is in some kind of painful suffering, to be kind and compassionate towards all and everyone who are struggling and drowning in some kind of painful suffering, under the influence of ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness. One doesn't need to know how to read and write in certain language in order to have correct understanding and self-control of not generating any hurtful damaging behaviors, actions and reactions unto oneself and others and the surrounding environment, to be friendly towards all and everyone, to be free from selfishness, greed, discrimination, separateness, possessiveness, unhappiness, loneliness, meaninglessness, worry, fear, jealousy, pride, arrogance, guilt, regret, offensiveness, defensiveness, anger and hatred, and so on.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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