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Monday, December 11, 2023

Just do our best in what is possible now

Doing our best in whatever we do that is possible now, but without forcing the body and mind beyond its limitation, and without the idea of 'I', attachment, judgment and expectation towards the actions and the fruit of actions, is the important yoga practice for annihilating the idea of 'I' and egoism, that will thin-out the veil of ignorance.

Regardless of whether in the yoga practice session or in everyday life affair, it's not about who/what is the best among all, but all and everyone are doing their own very best in what they can do that is possible in the present moment, and what everyone can do or cannot do in the present moment, is very different from one another.

Doing our best in all our pursues, is not about trying to achieve perfection in everything that we do, or trying to be the best performer or achiever among all and everyone.

Knowing that there's no perfection can be found in the world of selfless impermanent names and forms, particularly when many minds are functioning under the influence of ignorance, the idea of 'I', egoism, impurities, and restlessness, ceaselessly acting and reacting generating lots of consequences of actions and reactions in the world that are inter-affecting one another, but we still can do our best for what can be done that can be promoting peace and harmony into the world of many diversities that doesn't belong to anyone.

All these actions for promoting peace and harmony in oneself and in the world of diversity, are being performed out of selfless compassion, without egoistic attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, comparison, judgment, or expectation.

It's not even about being hopeful towards the world that it will have more peace and harmony after we do our best in performing certain actions, but it's merely doing our best to contribute less unrest and disharmony, while contributing more peace and harmony, in ourselves and into the surrounding environment, without attachment or expectation, and let the fruit of actions being what it is.

Most importantly, it begins with looking after this mind itself, to have peace and harmony in oneself.

The world will be peaceful and harmony as it is, if more minds know how to look after themselves, to maintain certain degrees of openness, clarity and correct understanding, however, it's the freedom of the minds whether to be looking after themselves, or not.

To be looking after the mind, it's not so much about gaining or achieving something, but it's about being able to let go many ideas and things that most minds strongly attached onto and identifying with, that the minds think and believe is what things are, and how life should be like, where most minds find it very difficult or even impossible to let go.

It's like the mind is already familiar with, and being comfortable living with all kinds of 'madness' in oneself and in the world, and hence, the mind would find it very strange, wrong, or mad, to let go all kinds of 'madness'.

Once the mind is able to let go many worldly passionate egoistic ideas and things, naturally, it will realize what yoga, or selflessness, or non-separateness, or unconditional peace, is about.

Embracing simplicity, openness, desirelessness, ambitionlessness, truthfulness, straightforwardness, non-hypocrisy, non-pridefulness, non-possessiveness, and non-greed, are the basic steps for looking after the mind.

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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