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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ignorance is unstoppable

Ignorance is unstoppable in this world of human beings, ceaselessly fed by growing greed and selfishness, the best friends of survival instinct, possessiveness and boundless desire.

One is considered highly fortunate, if one has certain degrees of awareness towards the modification of the mind and has certain degrees of correct understanding and self-control of not wanting to harm oneself and/or others and the surrounding environment selfishly, even if one is not completely be free from certain degrees of ignorance and the consequences of ignorance, or not free from certain degrees of egoism and desires, and there are certain inevitable limitations in this worldly life existence due to the nature of selflessness and impermanence in all kinds of names and forms, or all and everything is being restricted by time, space and causation, on top of the many unnecessary meanness, difficulties or suffering deriving from the unstoppable growing ignorance in the world.

Those who don't know, they attached onto goodness and/or badness, where some would be determined and disturbed by the presence of badness and the absence of goodness, while some would do anything to hurt all and everything in order to achieve what they think is 'goodness'/'prosperity'/'righteousness'/'power'/'survival'/'security'/'victory' for themselves.

Those who know, they don't attached towards either goodness or badness in this world, and they are not being determined or disturbed by the presence of badness or the absence of goodness, where they won't hurt anyone or anything out of the selfish desire to achieve what others think is 'goodness'/'prosperity'/'righteousness'/'power'/'survival'/'security'/'victory' for themselves, but respecting the nature of selflessness and impermanence in all and everything being limited by time, space and causation.

When it's time to go, none can stay, ignorant or not.

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