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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The most powerful thing in the world, and beyond that

It's unpleasant, disturbing, and even can be life threatening upon coming in contact with difficult situation where one is being discriminated, bullied and threatened with violent abusive behavior, bullying and threats by those who are under the influence of deep ignorance. It's an unfortunate and painful experience, and truly unnecessary event to be happening onto anyone.

One doesn't need to become and behave like those ignorant human beings, where the mind thinks and believes that in order not to be discriminated, bullied and threatened by anyone, one needs to be more powerful than all the others by being more violent, aggressive and cruel than everyone else.

Real power is not coming from being violent, aggressive and cruel to be over-powering all the others, or being charming, persuasive and influential to be captivating all the others to become submissive towards oneself, and to act and behave in accordance to one's commands/desires.

Power is not about the ability of in control of all and everything.

It's about having self-awareness and self-control of not harming oneself or others. One doesn't need to become a bully or a nasty person just because one has been or is being bullied and ill-treated by some others who are ignorant. That's power. Being able to reject or walk away from violent fighting against one another that would cause unnecessary damages towards one another and the surrounding environment, is wisdom. That's power.

The most powerful thing in this world is the nature law of IMPERMANENCE. None, and nothing, can escape impermanence. The so called most 'powerful', 'wealthy', 'knowledgeable', 'successful' person and the champion of all champions in the world, will also have to bow down to IMPERMANENCE.

However, there's something beyond that, which is the knowledge and effort of transcending or going beyond IMPERMANENCE.

One can transcend or go beyond IMPERMANENCE, upon the attainment of the real liberation/independence/freedom in the mind, or SILENCE (selflessness/desirelessness), or the realization of unconditional peace from within, despite all kinds of inevitable impermanent changes and all kinds of 'difficulties', 'ridiculousness' and 'chaos' that are existing in the world, being free from ignorance and all kinds of incorrect thinking, desires or impurities deriving from ignorance, while having the correct understanding/wisdom/knowledge towards the modification of the mind, or the play of ignorance and egoism, and respecting the law of selflessness and impermanence in all kinds of names and forms, that enables one being undetermined and undisturbed by all kinds of impermanent changes, ignorance and the consequences of ignorance in the world, without the idea/urge/desire/action to be interfering with or controlling the world and all the others to be or not to be in certain way in accordance to one's commands or desires by intimidation or captivation, while being unattached towards all and everything or the duality of 'goodness and badness', transcending the mind perception of a worldly life existence of the limited adjuncts of a selfless impermanent body and restless modification of the mind.

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