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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Never ending rubbish in the world of human beings and beyond

Greedy ambitious human beings who want to enjoy unlimited comfort of living, objects, toys, accessories, leisure activities and pleasurable enjoyments of the senses not just have been generating lots of rubbish on earth, but those who are knowledgeable, powerful and wealthy enough to be travelling outside of this planet utilizing their power, wealth and knowledge of higher science and technology, are/will be inevitably generating unnecessary human made rubbish into the space of the universe.

Unfortunately, there are many young people in the world are being 'empowered' to be proud of such 'actions', or 'capability', or 'achievement', to be admiring such human beings and their 'great achievement', and be inspired to become 'successful' like them.

Those organizations, or people, or influencers, who are directly or indirectly involving in any kinds of 'youth empowerment' or 'women empowerment' that 'meant' to be empowering youth or women, they need to see what they are actually doing, whether they are empowering 'youth' or 'women' to become responsible human beings that would be leading towards more peace and harmony into the world, or to become greedy and ambitious prideful human beings that would be leading towards endless 'human made destruction utilizing wealth, power and the knowledge of higher science and technology' into the world, and beyond.

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