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Monday, October 24, 2022

Guiding the ignorant minds towards seeing the ignorance in the mind

Because of the veil of ignorance, most minds under the influence of ignorance are not aware of the ignorance in the mind, as the minds simply don't see, recognize, identify or realize the ignorance in itself, or being too prideful to be acknowledging the presence of ignorance in itself, including the minds that are highly intelligent and knowledgeable, or kind and loving. And hence, there arise the cause that give rise to the limited and imperfect impermanent names and forms of certain teachings (that can be misinterpreted and misunderstood by certain minds due to the veil of ignorance) and certain teachers (that can be imperfect and disagreeable, that don't necessarily being recognized and appreciated by the ignorant egoistic minds) that serve the purpose of being the teachings and disseminating the teachings and guiding the ignorant minds towards seeing the ignorance in the mind through certain ways, even though the entire process and effort has to come from the ignorant minds themselves to be initiated of making the effort to discipline, purify and quiet the mind by themselves, to realize or know what is going on in themselves, of realizing or knowing Thyself, to be aware of the veil of ignorance while being limited and conditioned by the veil of ignorance.

Even when there are many people are interested in engaging in certain yoga activities of attending yoga classes and retreats, to be performing some kinds of yoga practice regularly, to attain some momentary sense of goodness and certain physical and mental benefits from performing the yoga practice, however, not many are seriously interested in the annihilation of ignorance and egoism, of renunciation and dispassion, of silence, seclusion and solitude, of discipline and self-reliance, of non-attachment and non-identification, of non-dualism and non-separateness, of 'I'lessness and desirelessness, of non-craving and non-aversion, of self-inquiry and self-realization, to see the ignorance in the mind, and be determined to free the mind from the veil of ignorance, the root cause of all kinds of suffering arising from within, but instead, being enthusiastic towards developing and empowering passionate connection, relationship and interaction among one another to be attaining momentary sense of love, power, control, goodness, righteousness, positiveness, healthiness, wholesomeness, accomplishment, satisfaction, joyfulness and meaningfulness in the world of selflessness and impermanence.

There's nothing bad or wrong with that. It's just that the minds are not working towards liberation from ignorance, and hence, might not be free from generating actions and reactions that cause suffering and damages in oneself and unto others and the surrounding environment, either wittingly or unwittingly, out of ignorance, egoism and impurities (corrupted passionate egoistic thinking, belief, values, practice and desires).

Anyone, either wise or ignorant, kind or unkind, agreeable or disagreeable, and anything, of all kinds of experiences, conditions, situations, relationships and the perception of names and forms through the senses that are either easy or difficult, desirable or undesirable, pleasant or unpleasant, agreeable or disagreeable, enjoyable or painful suffering, is the dhamma or the teachings, as well as the dhamma teacher, or the yoga teacher, or the teacher of the mind, for the ignorant minds.

The dhamma, the teachings, the dhamma teachers, the yoga teachers, or the teachers of the mind, as well as the ignorant suffering minds, the students, or the practitioners, are not distinct or separated from one another. They are ONE under different names and forms.

The mind that perceives restless suffering under the presence of the veil of ignorance is the dhamma, the teachings, the teacher, the student and the practitioner itself.

When the mind perceives, recognizes and acknowledges 'certain forms of external teachings and external teachers under certain names and forms', that appeared to be distinct and separated from itself, that seemed to be present externally to be teaching and guiding this mind towards seeing the ignorance in itself, are just being what they are. It's coming from the mind itself, upon perceiving or coming in contact with such names and forms, under the presence of the yearning for liberation, the initiative, the effort, the reflection and the realization arising from within itself, that is why the mind perceives, sees and recognizes such names and forms as the teachings and the teachers of itself. If the yearning for liberation, the initiative, the effort, the reflection and the realization are absent in this mind, then such names and forms are just being what they are, neither 'the teachings and teachers' nor 'not the teachings and teachers'.

A lot of time, the teachings and the teachers are the names and forms that the mind perceives and recognizes as something difficult, unpleasant, undesirable, disagreeable, unsuccessful, or painful suffering. And at other time, they are the names and forms that the mind perceives and recognizes as something easy, pleasant, desirable, agreeable, successful, or enjoyable. As either something that the mind likes or dislikes, or either something that the mind thinks and believes as good or bad, all are selfless and impermanent. All kinds of duality that is selfless and impermanent being perceived by the mind, enabling the ignorant egoistic mind to experience the suffering of the restless selflessness and impermanence under the presence of ignorance and egoism, as well as to reflect and see or realize the truth of selflessness and impermanence in itself and whatever it perceives or experiences (subject and object).

Suffering arise under the presence of grasping or attachment. Suffering doesn't exist upon the absence of grasping or attachment.

All are dhamma. All are teachers. All are not distinct or separated from this perceptive thinking mind. Without this selfless perceptive mind perceiving selfless impermanent names and forms, what is the world of life existence? what is dhamma? What is teacher? What is selflessness and impermanence? What is suffering? What is the end of suffering?

Inquire the truth of everything, including all the teachings of buddhism and/or yoga that the mind comes in contact with.

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