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Monday, February 6, 2023

Look within, withdraw the senses that keep running out chasing after external pleasantness

It's normal and common that the untrained passionate egoistic mind would be looking out towards the presence of something pleasant and agreeable to the senses, the body and the mind, to be performing one's yoga practice, such as the presence of specific scenery, atmosphere, colour, shape, smell, sound, taste, sensation, visualization, position, direction, timing, accessory, experience, result, and etc, that the mind perceives as something 'yogic', 'spiritual', 'healthy', 'goodness', 'positiveness', 'auspiciousness', 'mystical', 'soothing', 'beautiful', 'pleasant', and etc, that are pleasant and agreeable for the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, body and mind, that satisfy the craving and aversion of the senses which make the mind feels satisfied, good, positive and meaningful.

However, yoga practice is there, as it is, regardless of the presence and absence of pleasant or unpleasant, agreeable or disagreeable condition and situation or experience, without craving towards what appeared to be easy, good, positive, meaningful, pleasant and agreeable, without aversion towards what appeared to be difficult, bad, negative, meaningless, unpleasant and disagreeable.

It's not about looking out, but refraining the mind from running out, withdrawing the senses that keep going out chasing after the objects of the senses that appeared to be soothing, pleasant and agreeable to the mind, starving the passionate desire of craving and aversion to its complete annihilation, is the yoga practice.

There's nothing wrong with the capability and opportunity to prefer or choose something that is more pleasant and agreeable to the body and mind, but without attachment, identification and the desire of craving and aversion. The mind feels relaxed, calmed, blessed, peaceful, good, positive, healthy, righteous, grateful or meaningful upon perceiving, or coming in contact with something that the mind perceives as something 'relaxing', 'calming', 'blessing', 'peace', 'goodness', 'positiveness', 'healthiness', 'righteousness', 'grateful deserving', or 'meaningful', are merely part of the impermanent modification of the selfless mind. It's not the goal of the yoga practice. It's going beyond the mind perception of duality, or the annihilation of the passionate egoistic attachment and desire of craving and aversion towards the selfless impermanent quality of names and forms, towards the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, the sensations, the thoughts, the actions and the fruit of actions.

Go beyond the selfless and impermanent existence and function of the senses, the body, the mind, the states of the mind, the mind perception of a meaningful or meaningless/pleasant or unpleasant/enjoyable or painful worldly life existence of all kind of desirable and undesirable relationships and affairs, or the restless modification of the mind.

Regardless of the ceaseless and selfless mind perception of different conditions and situations or experiences, regardless of the different states of the mind, regardless of the presence and absence of ignorance and egoism, it's merely impermanent selfless names and forms arising and passing away. There's neither 'I' nor 'not I'.

There's no I to be identifying as 'I'. There's no I to be identifying as 'not I'.

It's very easy for the mind to sway out of the path, from time to time. It's neither bad or wrong. The selfless mind just needs to come back onto the path upon being aware of itself has swayed out of the path, without attachment, identification, judgment, comparison, or expectation.

Keep practicing.

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