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Monday, April 12, 2021

Inquire towards the relationship between respect and discrimination

In the worldly egoistic human's cultural and social belief, values and practice under the influence of ignorance, respect is a form of discrimination towards who deserve or don't deserve respect and who deserve more or less respect from some others, based on the inheritance, lineage, family background, age, gender, sexual orientation, colour, shape, appearance, title, ranking, social status, financial status, position, level of education and certification/qualification, type of work, religion, ethnicity, nationality, behavior, achievement, contribution, and so on.

In nature, all and everyone exist as they are, without superiority or inferiority, without respect deserving or non-respect deserving.

All are existing and governing by the law of nature, of cause and effect.

All are selfless and impermanent.

All are subject to decay and the fundamental suffering of restless hunger and thirst, and selfless impermanent changes.

Regardless of educated or non-educated, majority of the human beings are being conditioned by the worldly cultural and social belief, values and practice influenced by ignorance that emphasized on giving and receiving discriminative respect towards all and everyone based on the different qualities of names and forms to judge all and everything as (more or less) respect deserving, or not, where there is discrimination of superiority and inferiority, and most people are looking forward to somehow be eligible to fit into the category of superiority, either being motivated by themselves, or their parents, or their friends, or their community, or their teachers, or their leaders, or their government body/authority.

Some countries even put it into their law of constitution where people would be prosecuted by law for 'disrespecting' something or someone that the people think and believe as 'higher or highest' respect deserving. People are living under fear towards 'the superiority', or 'the authority', or 'the leader', or 'someone on the top' that is being 'acknowledged' with the 'status of superiority' or 'status of power' by themselves and/or the people, where in certain countries, people who are 'involving' in running the government body, who hold certain 'position' or 'title', would think and believe that they somehow deserve higher respect than anyone else by social cultural belief and practice, and 'by law'.

While within the community, people would think and believe that those who are higher educated deserve higher respect than anyone else, and people who have higher title/class/social status/financial status deserve higher respect than anyone else. Most parents would teach and motivate their children to do their very best to attain the eligibility to fit into the superior status, to gain respect or higher respect from some others who are inferior or less superior than them.

Those who want to practice and realize yoga, must free their minds from such thinking, belief, values and practice. Under the influence of ignorance, quite many yoga practitioners or enthusiasts are still very much being conditioned by such worldly egoistic thinking, belief, values and practice, even if they have been doing some kind of yoga practice regularly for many years, where they still think and believe that 'someone' or 'something' deserves upmost respect or higher respect than the others, and would be disturbed, offended or insulted if someone 'failed' to show 'deserving (higher or upmost) respect' towards that 'someone' or 'something'.

Under the law of nature, there's neither 'respect' nor 'non-respect', there's neither 'respect deserving' nor 'non-respect deserving'. If we want to show respect, we respect all and everyone the same regardless of the different qualities of names and forms, free from being conditioned by the worldly thinking and belief towards what is 'good or bad', 'right or wrong', 'deserving or don't deserving', respecting all and everyone possessing different qualities of names and forms as they are, and all are impermanent.

The thinking and belief of 'who and what' deserve or don't deserve respect and 'who and what' deserve more or less respect from some others, is like the invalid non-existing judgment of 'who and what' deserve or don't deserve to be subject to selfless impermanent changes, decay and disintegration under the law of nature.

The ignorance in the world would eventually leading the world of civilization towards the ridiculousness of "Who is allowed or disallowed to breathe, to think, to believe, to feel, to laugh, to cry, to speak, to see, to sneeze, to fart, to shit, to love, to be kind, and so on, under the law of constitutions of certain countries" run by human beings under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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