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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Inquire towards what we have been told to learn, believe, follow, practice, admire, aspire and become

Inquire towards everything that we have been told about this and that by everyone, including our parents, care takers, or elders, not to say, what we have been told by relatives, friends, community, famous people, successful people, wealthy people, inspirational people, powerful people, all kinds of teacher, all kinds of leader, all kinds of group, all kinds of social media influencer, content creator, advertiser, movie maker, story teller, book writer, news reporter, philosopher, researcher, activist, and etc.

Find out what are the intentions behind all kinds of saying, guidance, advice, teaching, motivational speech/story, inspirational speech/story, or sentimental speech/story, including all the teachings of yoga and/or buddhism coming from the many different lineages and teachers.

Regardless of whether it's something out of good or bad intention, it makes no difference in the path of self-inquiry and self-realization.

As if it's out of bad intention, there are things that are not necessarily incorrect or completely untrue.

Even if it's out of good intention, there are things that are not necessarily correct or completely true.

There are many made up stories and/or distorted/corrupted/incomplete/manipulated/misinterpreted/exaggerated/add on information in many things that we have been told by everyone everywhere, regardless of whether there is good or bad intention behind them, in order to be achieving certain agenda/desire/ambition.

That's why the importance of open mind (non blind-believing, non blind-following, non blind-practicing, non blind-propagating, non blind-agreeing/disagreeing), mind purification (the observation of renunciation, dispassion, seclusion, solitude, silence, the elimination of egoistic attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, judgment, comparison and expectation, renouncing the fruit of action, and etc), self-introspection and self-inquiry to attain direct self-realization.

Many loving parents, would have certain good but yet selfish intention to be molding/conditioning/educating/training their children to be in certain way that they think and believe as good, right, positive, successful and meaningful, and they won't feel comfortable to encourage or allow their children to investigate the truth of everything, particularly what they think and believe is the best for the children, that they want their children to learn, to believe, to follow, to value, to respect, to uphold, to practice, to be proud of and to propagate, so that their children will be influenced by and following those advice/teachings/belief/guideline to think, judge, behave, desire, act and react, and live life in certain way, to become the person that the parents think and believe is the best, where there are many things are not necessarily true, or completely true, in the process of influencing, molding and leading the children and/or the next generations to become what they think is the best.

The wise parents or teachers will only guide the children or students towards developing the essential independence for looking after themselves and being responsible for their own thinking, desire, action and reaction, and the consequences of their thinking, desire, action and reaction, and developing the ability/basic skill to investigate the truth of everything independently without the influence of any particular ancestral/cultural/social/spiritual/religious belief and disbelief or values and teachings, allowing them to be free to be growing, failing, doubting, exploring, learning, understanding, investigating, realizing and becoming what they are, as they are, without intention or expectation to be influencing, molding or expecting the children or the students to be or not to be in certain way.

When the children or the students come to the parents or the teachers, and ask, "Is this true, or not true?" The parents or the teachers don't tell them, "This is true." or "This is untrue." But telling them, "Go and find out the answer by yourself."

Just as teaching the basic skill of how to bake to people, but not giving them any specific recipes and telling them "This is the best way of baking" and "These are the best recipes," or "That is how and what you should or shouldn't be baking," while allowing everyone to explore, learn, experience and realizing many different ways of baking and finding many different recipes, failing and learning, and eventually, discovering their own ways and recipes, and/or what is best to them.

There's nothing wrong with the minds that think and believe in something that they think is right and good or very good, they will have the good intention of to be inspiring, influencing and desiring all the others to also like, agree with and appreciate that. That is what happening in the world of egoism, where people have the tendency to inspire, motivate, invite and convert as many people as possible to also take up and believe in something that they think is right and good or very good. Meanwhile, the selfless yogis are free from such intention or aspiration to be inspiring, influencing or converting all the others to also like, agree with or appreciate yoga, but merely being what they are, as they are, while allowing and respecting all and everyone whether they will be interested in yoga and appreciate yoga, or not, and whether they want to be free from ignorance and egoism to realize unconditional peace, or not.

Out of good intention, many yoga practitioners or yoga teachers who love yoga very much, who have been benefited a lot from their sincere regular yoga practice, but somehow, they are not free from ignorance and egoism yet, and hence, they would have the tendency of hoping their community/family/spouse/partner/friends/children would also be interested in yoga and practice yoga. Especially those who have children and they love their children very much, might have the natural tendency of desiring and expecting their children will also pick up yoga, love yoga, and will become great yogis.

It's okay and there's nothing wrong, if the children/spouse/partner/family/friends/community of the yoga practitioners have no interest or very little interest towards yoga, or even, have great aversion towards yoga.

It's everyone's freedom of how they want to think, judge, feel, desire, act and react towards everything as they are, and how everyone want to teach and bring up their children. There's neither right nor wrong with the different thinking that have different agreement and disagreement. However, if the mind feels annoyed, intimidated, threatened or offended upon coming in contact with something that it disagrees with, that is contradicting to its belief, values and practice, then it reflects what egoism is about.

Be free.

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