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Monday, April 13, 2020

Gratitude and peace amidst global pandemic

Being able to have a home/room to practice social distancing/physical isolation, have access to clean water and soap to wash hand and/or body, have home toilet/bathroom, have access to get enough grocery and daily needs once every few weeks, have a kitchen and gas access to be cooking (even just for having instant noodles or a cup of hot drink), have electricity to be storing food for weeks/months in a fridge/freezer and enjoying all sorts of comforts, conveniences and entertainments at home, have internet access to be continuing mentally/emotionally (socially) active, have enough physical/mental space to be continuing physically/mentally active, have access to face mask and sanitizer, have 'the sense of humour' to entertain and/or uplift oneself and others, being able to breathe effortlessly, being able to continue generate income by working at home or have enough savings for surviving a few more months, and etc, are inaccessible 'luxury' for many others around the world.

Need not be disappointed/upset towards travelling restriction, favorite food items or beauty products or entertainments non-available, accessibility to clean eating and specific food trend is disrupted, personal/family/business/social/cultural/religious/spiritual/leisure meetings, gatherings, events, festivals and celebrations or favorite outdoor interactive/non-interactive activities are cancelled or non-available for a period of time, and etc.

Wishing everyone peace during this time being.

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