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Saturday, October 7, 2023

Inquire towards everything to free the mind from ignorance and the consequences of ignorance

The selfless mind can be changing and modifying the selfless modification of itself to be free from the idea of 'I', ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness, transcending the suffering deriving from all that, but it cannot change or modify other minds to free them from all that. That is limited. The awareness and freewill enables the selfless mind to modify the modification of itself, but it cannot modify the modification of other minds. The selfless mind can be interfering with the process of impermanent changes in itself governed by cause and effect, by performing certain action or inaction that lead to consequences of action or inaction coming from itself under the presence of awareness and freewill, and correct understanding, but it cannot interfere with the impermanent changes in other minds governed by their own cause and effect, action and inaction, and the consequences of action and inaction being generated by or coming from themselves.

However, even though all that is limited, and doesn't change, but it's also conditional. Because the minds that are not free (that's why they need to be free), that are mentally and emotionally dependence (that's why they need to attain mental and emotional independence), can be influenced and conditioned by many external influential conditions and factors, regardless of something wholesome or unwholesome, wise or ignorant impact, that's why there is the existence of the teachings and teachers, not to be interfering, changing or controlling other minds being what they are, but merely stand as a selfless guidance or a reflector, for the minds to come in contact with, or not, to be initiative to learn and practice, or not, to be reflecting upon themselves, or not, to be inquiring towards the truth of everything, or not, and to be determined and persevered to be free, or not, out of their own awareness and freewill, self-effort and right effort, determination and perseverance, powered by intense yearning towards liberation.

Under the correct understanding towards all that, there's no attachment or identification arise in the selfless mind attaching or identifying towards the action and inaction and the consequences of action and inaction, allowing the action and inaction and the consequences being what they are, as they are, and they are impermanent.

The minds that are already free, that are mentally and emotionally independent, they are not being influenced or conditioned by any external factors, they don't need all these teachings or practice. That's why none can change the world, but the selfless mind can contribute wholesomeness or unwholesomeness and wise or ignorant impact into the world, or not. It's up to the selfless mind itself, even though the mind is selfless, not having a permanent independent individual existence within this selfless physical body and selfless thinking faculty, and only existing momentarily in this world of diversities that doesn't belong to anyone.

Just as there are many selfless elements and selfless energy supporting all and everything, selflessly and indiscriminately, to be what they are, to be existing, changing and passing away, and if without the selfless support of the supportive elements and energy, nothing can exist or function, but all these selfless elements and energy are not responsible for the ceaseless cause and effect, actions and consequences of actions generated by all and everything during their selfless momentary existence and function, either wittingly or unwittingly, intentionally or unintentionally.

The selfless function of the selfless thinking faculty, such as awareness, will power or freewill, certain degrees of mental and emotional dependence or independence, attention, and effort to be performing or not performing certain actions, are neither good nor bad, where the selfless thinking faculty could be performing actions that are either wholesome and constructive or unwholesome and destructive for itself and others and the surrounding environment out of those selfless function, depending solely on the presence and absence of correct understanding.

The initial cause that gives rise to the effect of the forming of a selfless life existence of the selfless body and selfless thinking faculty perceiving all this selfless impermanent changes, that is not being activated by this selfless thinking faculty that only exists and functions upon the forming of this selfless body being conceived by the selfless parents either intentionally or unintentionally. However, it is the responsibility of this selfless thinking faculty itself towards all its actions and consequences of actions, either wittingly or unwittingly, after having being conceived even though not out of its own will, intention or desire, and having this selfless impermanent life existence being supported by the selfless elements and energy.

Such as the mind is being disturbed and hurt by someone or something in the present moment. How the mind reacts towards everything in certain way, is the responsibility of the mind itself, regardless of with or without certain degrees of awareness and freewill. Under certain degrees of awareness and freewill and basic correct understanding, the mind can choose to react or don't react, or react differently. And, even if the presence of someone or something has the quality or intention to be something disturbing and hurtful, and generating such cause for the selfless mind to be disturbed and hurt in the present moment, but in the next moment, if this selfless mind is continuing being disturbed and hurt by what had happened in the previous moment, that is its own responsibility. That is due to the presence of egoistic attachment, identification, and the desire of craving and aversion. Most minds might not understand this due to ignorance.

No doubt that, due to certain limited genetically inherited genes that couldn't be changed or modified, while under the weak awareness and will power with the strong mental and emotional dependence, as well as under the presence of the idea of 'I', ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness, or under the absence of correct understanding, the selfless impermanent states or modifications of the mind are mostly functioning and changing under the influence of the selfless elements and energy (the Gunas), on top of all kinds of external influential conditions and factors to be in certain way, to have certain mind behavior pattern, to think, believe, reason, understand, feel, desire, behave, act and react in certain way, but all these are conditional, that can change and be modified, under the developed and enhanced awareness and will power, under certain degrees of mental and emotional independence, and more importantly, under certain degrees of basic correct understanding, that initiates the selfless mind to be making an effort to be transcending all those limited and conditional inherited or influential conditions and influences, and attains self-realization towards the truth of the selfless impermanent existence and function of itself, and be free from all kinds of suffering due to being ignorant towards all that.

The selfless mind that is void of ignorance, is void of aversion or fear towards the unknown, uncertainty, or selfless impermanent changes of decay and disintegration, or death/ceased existence and functioning, or void of clinging or craving towards the opposite of all that. But merely making good use of this selfless impermanent momentary existence in this present moment, to be performing selfless service (actions being performed void of egoism) in this world of ignorance and egoism with all kinds of suffering deriving from that. Not being determined or disturbed by all kinds of selfless impermanent changes being governed by cause and effect or the action and consequences of action, doesn't mean that the law of cause and effect is no longer existing or action and consequences of action is no longer valid.

Ignorance is the root cause of all kinds of inevitable and unnecessary suffering arising in the selfless mind, while the selfless mind under the influence of ignorance would be generating further ignorant hurtful actions and reactions out of the disturbed suffering state of mind that give rise to consequences that hurt itself and others and the surrounding environment. Where the selfless mind is being determined and disturbed by the selfless impermanent changes that is happening ceaselessly in the selfless body and selfless modifications of the mind, and being limited and determined by the actions and consequences of actions, that are not necessarily pleasant, agreeable and desirable.

Void of ignorance, the selfless mind is not being determined or disturbed by all that. And that is the fruit or consequences of action solely deriving from the awareness and freewill under certain degrees of mental and emotional independence and basic correct understanding, to be initiated to transform itself, to free itself from ignorance. Such transformation is not happening, or the ignorance is not going to be eradicated, if there's no such initiation arising from the selfless mind under the presence of awareness and freewill.

Even when all these essential elements are very weak in the present moment, the selfless mind can still be developing and enhancing all these elements that are conditional, that can change and be modified, out of the tiny traces of awareness and freewill, unless the selfless thinking faculty is being born with certain deformity or long term damages in the selfless function of the selfless thinking faculty, then none can do anything about it, where there's no awareness or any understanding at all, but merely being alive under the autonomous function of the bodily system dependent on someone to be looking after the maintenance of life and everything else that the deformed selfless thinking faculty couldn't perform by itself.

That means, unless someone is suffering from certain mental disorders either due to genetic inheritance or due to certain injury or disease, all selfless minds have the basic function of awareness and freewill, and have some basic understanding to be initiative or responsible for looking after their own physical and mental over-all well-being, to modify what can be modified, to choose how they want or don't want to think, believe, reason, understand, feel, desire, behave, act and react, to choose what type of cause or action being generated in this present moment, even though the past cannot be changed or undone. What type of consequences of actions, is being determined by the actions in the present moment, with or without awareness and freewill.

Even laziness might be existing in the genes, but that can also be modified if there's a strong enough will.

Such as all minds comes with certain degrees of ignorance and egoism, including Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, Swami Sivananda and Ajahn Chah, that's why all minds behave in certain way that might be different from one another, but no matter what are the degrees of ignorance and egoism that exist in the selfless thinking faculty, it is conditional, that can be modified, and even be eradicated completely, if there's strong enough will to be free from ignorance.

It's the freedom or the responsibility of the selfless mind itself, whether it is being aware of and acknowledging the presence of ignorance in itself, and whether to make an effort to free itself from the influence of ignorance, or not.

Many actions are being generated without particular intention towards the actions and consequences of actions to be in certain way, it doesn't mean that there is no awareness and freewill or certain intention in such actions. The mind that has certain 'good intention' to be performing certain 'good actions' but somehow the consequences of what the selfless mind thinks and believes as 'good actions' out of 'good intention' doesn't necessarily is all good as what the selfless mind thinks and believes what it is.

Many actions that are being performed out of self-righteousness under so called 'good intention' to make the world a better place according to what the selfless minds like, agree with and desire, are nothing but ignorant selfish hurtful actions being performed under the influence of the idea of 'I', ignorance, egoism and impurities, that hurt oneself and others and the surrounding environment.

Mental and emotional independence, as well as intense will power, not being determined or influenced by the external conditions and factors, is sort of a form of 'stubbornness'. It's neither good nor bad, depending on the presence or absence of correct understanding in the selfless mind, that might give rise to action or inaction that are wholesome and beneficial for all and everyone, or that are unwholesome and damaging towards oneself and others. That's why the minds that want to control other minds to be or not to be in certain way would not like or agree with mental and emotional independence, as they can't make the 'stubborn' minds to obey and follow their instruction or desire. That's why most minds are being trained and encouraged to be having intense mental and emotional dependency among one another at home, at school or in the society.

Inquire towards the truth of everything to free the mind from ignorance.

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