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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Open mind, non-blind believing, inquiring towards the truth of everything

Some minds will be offended by the teachings and practice of "Open mind, non-blind believing, and inquiring towards the truth of everything," as these minds are being conditioned to believe that "Open mind, non-blind believing, and inquiring towards the truth of everything, particularly one's own belief, values and practice," is something wrong and sinful and punishable, even without knowing exactly why is it wrong and sinful, just because that was what they were being told by some others, by their parents, elders, teachers, or leaders.

Quite many people growing up being told by their parents, or teachers, or leaders, "Just listen to and follow what I say, don't question. It's good for you. And if you don't, you will be punished. If I am hurting you, it's your own fault, because you are bad and no good. I am hurting you because I love you very much and I want you to be good. Be a good child." While many of them will be doing and saying the same thing to their children and to many others in the world.

Under such belief, values and practice, their followers are not allowed (under certain punishable man made law and order) to come in contact with any materials or information that are contradicting with that particular belief, values and practice, not to say, to be performing inquiry towards the truth of everything that the mind comes in contact with.

There will be many different kinds of books, classes, or events being banned or censored, particularly for their followers. They think and believe and propagate that this is for the good of their followers.

They are so afraid of losing the followers, or the support from the followers, or more precisely, losing the power of control, if their followers started to be opened for inquiring towards the truth of everything, including that particular belief, values and practice.

That only indicates that they themselves have no 'trust' or 'understanding' towards such belief, values and practice. This is what blind-believing, blind-following, blind-practicing, and blind-propagating, is about.

As if that belief, values and practice is all true and pure, and if that is the best and purest belief, values and practice that all and everyone in the world should be practicing, it won't be contaminated or offended by anything. There won't be fear towards anyone, followers or non-followers, performing inquiry towards the truth of those belief, values and practice.

Just as the teachings of yoga and buddhism, is all about non-blind believing, non-blind following and non-blind practicing, to inquiry towards the truth of everything, including all the teachings of yoga and buddhism, to attain self-realization. There's no authority, sin, judgment or punishment, if anyone doesn't inquire, doesn't understand, doesn't know, misunderstand, or doesn't practice. It's up to anyone to take it or leave it, realize or doesn't realize, know or doesn't know. It's everyone's freedom for what they desire and don't desire for themselves, regardless of being ignorant, or be free from ignorance. It's just actions and consequences of actions under the presence or absence of ignorance, governed by the nature's law of cause and effect.

In the teachings and practice of yoga and buddhism about dispassion and renunciation from worldly contacts, interactions, affairs and activities, to be refrained from books reading, news reading, magazines reading, movies or TV watching, it's not so much about keeping those information away from the knowledge of the mind, or to stop the mind from being exposed to 'bad influences', but it's more about to be quieting the restless modifications of the mind, as well as to allow the mind to stand as the third party to be looking into all those information from a different perspective, that enables the mind to inquire the truth of all those information, connections, interactions, affairs and activities, where they all are deriving from ignorance and egoism, as well as feeding ignorance and egoism.

The minds that know this, there's no offensiveness towards all kinds of beliefs, values and practices in the world, even if it's the product of ignorance and egoism, and might cause serious 'damages' to all and everything, directly or indirectly. All kinds of madness and corruptions in this world is merely because many minds are sick, or even very sick, and they don't know that they are sick, even when they are highly educated, and are highly successful in generating, accumulating and hoarding unlimited wealth. And many young children in the world growing up being empowered to look up at these sick minds, to be inspired by them, and be aspired to become like them.

The mind that knows, is undetermined by all the ignorance in the world. It's energy wasting. Though actions can be performed out of selfless compassion, without intention or expectation, making good use of this body and mind that is fleeting away.

Is this mind being offended by something that it doesn't like and doesn't agree with, that it thinks and believes is wrong and bad, or sinful, or insulting? If it does, know that it's merely because this mind is being conditioned by particular thinking, belief, values and practice. There's neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad, if this mind is ignorant towards something or many things, and is being offended by this or that. More importantly, it's the presence of awareness towards the existence of ignorance in the thinking faculty without identification with the ignorance, and work diligently to remove this ignorance from the thinking faculty, without judgment or expectation. That is the beginning of compassion.

Inquire, inquire, and keep inquiring, until this mind sees the truth of everything.

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