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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

About belief and disbelief from the point of yoga

Being curious and asking about what other people believe and disbelieve is not yoga practice, and it doesn't lead to liberation from ignorance.

What everyone want to believe and disbelieve, is everyone's freedom.

There's neither good nor bad with different people having many different kinds of belief and disbelief.

Meanwhile, for those who want to practice yoga, is about opening the mind by going beyond all kinds of different belief and disbelief in the world, while detaching and dis-identifying from all kinds of belief and disbelief that are already existing in one's mind that have been influencing how this mind analyzes, judges, behaves, acts and reacts, and at the same time, respecting others for their belief and disbelief, or what they practice and don't practice.

What this mind believes and doesn't believe is not important.

What you think you believe and don't believe, or what you think you want or don't want to believe is not important.

What others believe and don't believe is not important.

One allows others to express what they want to express and to give their opinion and advice about this and that, but one shouldn't be influenced or determined by what others think, believe, disbelieve, or their opinion and advice about anything, or what others telling you what you should and shouldn't believe or disbelieve, even if it's coming from one's beloved and respected people in the world.

Those who are truly wise and compassionate wouldn't tell anyone what they should and shouldn't believe or disbelieve, but would be encouraging everyone to inquire the truth of everything. Those who would be offended by others who don't accept or follow their thinking, belief, disbelief, opinion and advice, only indicates that these minds are not free from the influence of ignorance and egoism. And it's everyone's freedom and responsibility for how they react towards everything.

Without blind-believing or blind-disbelieving in anything, but inquiring the truth of everything through self-inquiry.

The truth of things is not a belief. It's what things are, and everything is selfless and impermanent.

Yoga practice is about letting go all kinds of belief and disbelief, freeing the mind from being conditioned by any existing belief or disbelief in one's mind, not to say, being conditioned by any other people's belief or disbelief, but learning how to purify, discipline and quiet the mind to allow the mind to see things as they are.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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