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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The free mind

The free mind is peaceful as it is, not determined by the mind perception of names and forms being what it is, of the presence and absence of all kinds of names and forms, experiences, affairs, conditions, situations, ties and connections, relationships, interactions, activities, enjoyments and non-enjoyments, abilities, disabilities, limitations, achievement and non-achievement, success and failure, and so on.

It knows and respects the truth of selflessness and impermanence, and the nature's law of cause and effect, while it is not determined by all kinds of selfless impermanent names and forms being what they are, as they are, and all are changing, governed by the nature's law of cause and effect.

It is desireless.

It is dispassionate.

It is fearless.

It can advance, or retreat, or neither.

It is open, devoid of blind-believing, blind-following, blind-agreeing/disagreeing, blind-practicing, and blind-propagating.

It is not conditioned or determined by worldly passionate egoistic thinking, belief, ideas, values, desires, and practice.

It is devoid of passionate egoistic attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, comparison, judgment, intention, and expectation.

It can be performing or not performing actions, and it does its best in all actions that are possible in this present moment, but it is not determined by the actions and the fruit of actions, and it is not determined or disturbed by the actions that are not possible in this present moment.

It can have likes and dislikes, or agreements and disagreements, but it is not determined by the absence and presence of what it likes and dislikes, agrees and disagrees with. It allows others to express their likes and dislikes or agreements and disagreements based on their own particular thinking, belief, ideas, values, desires, and practice, while without being determined, influenced, or disturbed by the likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements of others.

It can be here or not here, depending on the situation, of possibility and impossibility in the present moment now.

It can enjoy and appreciate this or that, without attachment or clinging towards what it enjoys and appreciates, without craving towards the presence of pleasant and desirable experiences, or the absence of unpleasant and undesirable experiences, and without aversion towards the presence of unpleasant and undesirable experiences, or the absence of pleasant and desirable experiences.

It doesn't have to like, agree with, enjoy, or appreciate something that it doesn't like, doesn't agree with, doesn't enjoy, and doesn't appreciate, and it is not determined or disturbed by the presence of something that it doesn't like, doesn't agree with, doesn't enjoy, or doesn't appreciate. And all kinds of enjoyable or non-enjoyable, pleasant or unpleasant, desirable or undesirable, and agreeable or disagreeable experiences are impermanent.

It knows what are its physical and mental abilities, disabilities and limitations, and what are the possibilities and impossibilities, or the presence or absence of opportunity, in this present moment now, and it respects all that as they are, without attachment or identification towards the physical and mental abilities, disabilities and limitations that are impermanent and conditional. It can be doing something that is possible in accordance to the existing abilities, disabilities and limitations by making good use of the abilities, possibilities and opportunities that are available in this present moment now, without forcing the body and mind beyond its limitations, being undetermined by what it can do and cannot do, and being undisturbed by the disabilities, limitations and impossibilities, or the absence of opportunities in this present moment now. Knowing that all these are impermanent, and it's not 'I'.

It is free from judgment towards itself and others, while it allows others to have judgment towards themselves and/or the others. It is not determined or disturbed by the thinking and non-thinking, belief and disbelief, understanding and non-understanding of others, or the judgment and expectation coming from others towards itself. It allows others to have their own freedom of thinking and non-thinking, belief and disbelief, understanding and non-understanding, or judgment and expectation towards themselves and others, or not.

It doesn't need to receive attention, friendship, companionship, interaction, love, acknowledgement, understanding, agreement, validation, approval, acceptance, praise, compliment, respect, glorification, encouragement, mental or emotional support, sympathy, or empathy from anyone or anywhere, while allowing all these names and forms being there, or not, devoid of attachment, identification, craving or aversion, and expectation towards the absence or presence of all that.

It is free from the sense of belonging, self-esteem, self-worth, separateness, boredom, loneliness, defensiveness and offensiveness, superiority and inferiority, goodness and badness, rightfulness and wrongfulness, positiveness and negativeness, meaningfulness and meaninglessness, joyfulness and joylessness, togetherness and aloneness, appropriateness and inappropriateness, auspiciousness and inauspiciousness, accomplishment and non-accomplishment, deserving and non-deserving, and so on.

It is what it is, and it is selfless and impermanent. And all and everyone and everything are selfless and impermanent.

It lives in the present moment, devoid of attachment, identification, possessiveness, craving, aversion, comparison, judgment, intention, expectation, fear, worry, guilt, regret, hurt, bitterness, anger, hatred, violence, pride, envy, jealousy, admiration, animosity, dissatisfaction, disappointment, discontentment, greed, longing, wishful thinking, hopefulness, day dreaming, building castle in the air, wild imagination, or future anticipation.

It doesn't matter whether it has encouraging and loving, or understanding and uplifting partner, lover, friends, family, children, parents, leader, supervisor, motivator, teacher, or not. It doesn't need to be encouraged, loved, understood, uplifted, or inspired by any others, to be what it is, and to do or achieve what it wants to do or achieve.

It can be by itself, alone, in silence.

It can be busy performing actions within its capacity without over-exhausting the function of the body and mind, and it can be in silence, in inaction, without the sense of loneliness, boredom, irritation, or meaninglessness.

It knows how to look after the different needs of the body and mind in the present moment now, and understands that the needs are impermanent and could be different from moment to moment.

It can be surrounded by others, while uninfluenced and undisturbed by others being what they are, regardless of wise or ignorant, kind or unkind, selfish or unselfish, peaceful or peaceless, sane or insane.

It lives in the world, while the world doesn't live in it.

It is aware of uncertainty without the sense of insecurity.

It respects the world being what it is, governed by the nature's law of cause and effect.

It respect life existence being what it is, undergoing ceaseless selfless impermanent changes.

It confronts selfless impermanent changes in this present moment now, in peace.

Suffering doesn't arise in this mind, even if there are the presence of unpleasant sensations, undesirable experiences and impermanent changes, disagreeable connections, relationships, interactions and affairs, or challenging conditions and situations.

It doesn't need itself to be perfect.

It doesn't need the world to be perfect.

It doesn't need life existence to be perfect.

It doesn't need to be happy.

It doesn't need to make others happy.

It doesn't need to be this or not be that.

It doesn't need to have this or don't have that.

It doesn't need to control or be in control.

It allows all and everything to be what they are, as they are, and all are impermanent.

It allows all and everyone to be what they want to be, to think what they want to think, to feel what they want to feel, to believe what they want to believe, to behave how they want to behave, to react how they want to react, to express what they want to express, to be happy or unhappy, to agree or disagree, to desire or don't desire, to practice or don't practice, to be understanding or non-understanding, to realize or don't realize, to be peaceful or peaceless, and be free or not free.

It doesn't need to be free. As it is free.

If the breathing is slow, let it be slow.

If the breathing is fast, let it be fast.

If the breath stops coming and going, let it stops.

Inquire the truth of everything, and be free.

It's the freedom of the minds if they don't like, don't agree with, and don't want this freedom. Different minds have their own version of freedom. There's neither right nor wrong, but all and everyone is responsible towards their own thinking, belief, understanding, values, desires, actions, and practice, and the consequences of all that.

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