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Monday, July 25, 2022

Want to learn and practice yoga? (26)

Why is that giving something 'nice' and 'comforting' to the disturbed unhappy minds and doing something that will make the minds feel happy, loved and satisfied is not yoga practice or the solution to be looking after the ill mental health?

"People are being unhappy and dissatisfied about many things in life and in this world.

People need to be doing something or anything that would make them feel good, happy and satisfied, especially those who are hurt by other people's bad and wrongful behavior, they need to receive lots of love and comfort from others, to feel love and be loved by others. Love heals. Love is the greatest power that can make the world to be a better place. Everyone needs love. Lack of love is the greatest suffering and painful sorrow."

There's nothing wrong with these thinking, belief, saying, values and practice.

However, it's nothing to do with the teachings of yoga and the yoga practice, that is about freeing the mind from the root cause of disturbance, unhappiness and dissatisfaction, which is by annihilating ignorance and egoism, and it's not by empowering ignorance and egoism.

Doing something that would make the mind feels happy, loved and satisfied whenever it feels unhappy, unloved and dissatisfied about something, will only be empowering ignorance and egoism, which doesn't stop the mind from continuously being determined, disturbed, dissatisfied, angered, annoyed, offended, humiliated, unhappy or hurt by the presence of something that the mind doesn't like, doesn't agree with and doesn't desire, and the absence of something that the mind likes, agrees with and desires, or what the mind perceives as bad, wrong, sad, negative, meaningless, unpleasant, disagreeable, undesirable, painful, disgusting, annoying, offending, disrespectful, undeserving or hurtful.

Those who would discriminate, hate, exploit and hurt others intentionally, and would feel happy and satisfied by inducing suffering in oneself and others, and by seeing others being hurt, are seriously ill mentally. No matter how much 'love' other people give to these seriously ill minds, will still doesn't remove the mental illness as well as ignorant hurtful behaviors/actions/reactions from these minds. These minds might be behaving 'nicely' when all its desires of craving and aversion are being gratified, upon getting what they like and desire, but then they would be behaving 'hurtfully' when one of its desires of craving and aversion is not being gratified, upon not getting what they like and desire, while getting what they don't like and don't desire.

Empowering the desire of craving and clinging towards receiving 'love' and 'affection', 'acceptance' and 'acknowledgement', 'agreement' and 'understanding', 'praise' and 'glorification', 'appreciation' and 'gratitude', 'support' and 'comfort' from others in the minds that perceive suffering of loneliness, lovelessness, low self-esteem, meaninglessness, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, inferiority, animosity, fear, worry, disturbs, hurts and painful sorrow due to the influence of ignorance and egoism, not only doesn't free the minds from ignorance and egoism, but it's actually leading the minds towards deeper ignorance and egoism that eventually turning into serious mental health problem.

The only thing that can help the minds that are disturbed or ill to not hurting themselves and others, is coming from the mind itself, freeing itself from ignorance and egoism. No any others and no amount of 'love' and 'affection' receiving from some others can remove the ignorance and egoism from the minds, as giving and receiving 'love' and 'affection' among one another are indeed the by-products of ignorance and egoism that generate the perception of separateness and duality, which is the cause of all kinds of misery and suffering arising in oneself and inflicting unto others.

Healthy minds are not being determined or influenced by the perception of names and forms, to be acting and reacting ignorantly and hurtfully under any unpleasant, disagreeable, undesirable conditions and situations, and vice versa.

Healthy minds that are free from the influence of ignorance and egoism don't need to be receiving 'love' and 'affection', 'acceptance' and 'acknowledgement', 'agreement' and 'understanding', 'appreciation' and 'gratitude', 'praise' and 'glorification', or 'support' and 'comfort' from others, to feel good, right, happy, confident, meaningful, deserving, superior, loved, satisfied, pleased, joyful and content. These minds are peaceful as they are. These minds are not being disturbed, threatened or hurt by the ignorance and the consequences of ignorance in others or in the world.

It's everyone's freedom and responsibility towards what they want or don't want to practice, what they understand and don't understand, and how they think, feel, behave, act and react.

"Lack of love is the greatest suffering and painful sorrow," is what most minds think and believe in, however, that's also revealing the 'problem' of this thinking and belief. It's not 'lack of love' that is causing suffering and painful sorrow in the minds, it's the desire of craving and clinging towards 'love', or 'receiving love', or 'be loved', is not being gratified, that is why the minds are in suffering and painful sorrow, upon the presence of 'lack of love', or upon the absence of 'love'.

Inquire towards the truth of everything.

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