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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Fighting for peace and looking for love?

Peace is always there as it is, never increase nor decrease, undetermined by the mind perception of a worldly life existence of names and forms that is subject to impermanence and selflessness.

The moment the mind is free from peacelessness/disturbance/impurities/ignorance that veiled the mind from knowing thyself/seeing the truth of names and forms, which is selflessness/namelessness/formlessness/attributelessness, unlimited by time, space and causation, peace is there as it is, selflessly, desirelessly, intentionlessly and effortlessly.

This unconditional peace is unconditioned, unlimited and undetermined by qualities of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses, transcending all kinds of pleasant and unpleasant condition or situation that are impermanent and selfless, where there's no 'I' existing desire/aspire/intentional to be influencing or controlling all the names and forms to be exactly the way that 'I' desire it to be, or the way that 'I' think and believe how it should be.

If 'peace' is something 'separated' from the perceiver, where it has to be achieved/attained with effort by fighting for it, by fighting against certain qualities of names and forms that 'go against' or 'oppose to' peace, being determined by the presence of particular pleasant and agreeable name and form, condition and situation, or the absence of particular unpleasant and disagreeable name and form, condition and situation, then that's not the unconditional peace as mentioned in the teachings of yoga, that is not something 'separated' from the perceiver.

Effort is required in the process of eliminating ignorance and impurities to allow the mind to see/know thyself, but peace is always there as it is, effortlessly, regardless of whether the mind is free, or not free from ignorance and impurities.

Being at peace, or the mind is peaceful as it is, being undisturbed/undetermined by 'badness', 'wrongfulness', 'negativeness' and 'unrest/hatred' is already 'helping' the world to have less a peaceless/disturbed/hateful being who is disturbed, dissatisfied, angry and hating towards 'badness', 'wrongfulness', 'negativeness' and 'unrest/hatred', whether intentionally or unintentionally generates more unrest/hatred in the world by 'fighting' against 'badness', 'wrongfulness', 'negativeness' and 'unrest/hatred' to achieve/protect what the mind thinks and believes as 'goodness', 'rightfulness', 'positiveness' and 'peacefulness'.

It's the same as 'love'.

Due to ignorance, the minds/people think and believe that 'love' is a particular quality with particular name and form to be found in relationship/connection among one another, to be achieved/attained/possessed through effort, or sacrifice, or offering, or virtues/merits, goodness and kindness, or appreciation and gratitude, or 'good karma', or sharing, or giving/receiving via thoughts, actions and speech, being motivated by the aspiration to be looking for 'love' by growing/cultivating/developing/empowering 'love', longing/hoping/expecting/desiring to be receiving/giving/sharing 'love' among one another through relationship/connection/contact, regardless of living beings, animals, plants, or objects, to attain the sense of liveliness, joyfulness, warmth, worthiness, or meaningfulness.

The mind thinks, believes and says -

"Everyone/We/I need love."
"Everyone/We/I want love."
"Love is sharing/giving/receiving among all and everything."
"Without love, life is joyless and meaningless."
"I love/don't love you."
"I/You deserve/don't deserve to love or be loved."
"I love you more/less."
"My love is pure/impure."
"I feel/don't feel love."
"I am loved/unloved."
"I have/don't have love.
"No one loves me. I am so loveless and lonely."
"We need to love others (or give love to others) so that others won't be loveless and lonely."

There's nothing wrong with that, but the mind is not free, still being conditioned by particular thinking pattern under the influence of ignorance.

This 'love' is being perceived/acknowledged as a quality of name and form, just like 'feeling', 'action', 'thought', 'sensation', 'sight', 'sound', 'smell', 'taste', 'energy', 'water', 'air', 'temperature', and etc, that is being perceived by the mind, that is separated/distinct from the perceiver, where there's notion of 'I' perceive/don't perceive the object/quality of name and form, or 'I' have/possess or don't have/don't possess particular quality of name and form.

This 'love' is limited by 'quality' and 'quantity', conditioned by time, space and causation.

The mind feels dissatisfied, disappointed, hurt, angry, jealous, loveless, lonely, left out, unsupported, joyless, meaningless, unworthy, undeserving, depressed, miserable and suffer when it thinks 'love' is absence, or unavailable, or not enough, or not the way that the mind desires it to be, or not the way that the mind thinks how it should be.

Contemplate on this, realize unconditional love and peace, beyond 'quality', 'quantity', 'relationship' and 'connection', transcending time, space and causation.

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