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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 27 - Suffering

Suffering does not exist at all. Suffering arise in the mind under the presence of the veil of ignorance and egoism. Suffering doesn't arise in the mind that is void of ignorance and egoism.

Suffering manifested in the mind through the function of the senses perceiving names and forms, and the intellect analyzes, reasons, recognizes and categorizes the perceived names and forms into this or that, while the ego attached towards all the perceived names and forms, and generates desire of craving and aversion towards the objects of the senses that are being categorized as pleasant or unpleasant, desirable or undesirable, agreeable or disagreeable, pleasurable enjoyment or painful suffering.

The world we are living in or the happenings around us and in our life as well as all the thoughts/feelings/emotions in the mind are neither something suffering nor non-suffering/pleasurable.

They are just being what it is, but the intellect and the ego categorized them into painful suffering or pleasurable enjoyment, while under the influence of the egoistic desire of craving and aversion, the presence and absence of pleasurable enjoyment or painful suffering give rise to the sense of happiness or unhappiness.

Suffering and happiness only exist in the modification of the mind that are still functioning under the thinking faculty under the presence of ignorance and egoism, the impure intellect and the selfish ego deriving from ignorance and egoism.

When the impure ignorant egoistic mind attached onto and identified itself with the modification of the mind, the intellect and the ego, the body, the senses and the worldly experiences in life, then the impure egoistic mind is being determined by everything that the mind perceives.

Such modifications of the mind are being conditioned by the conditional and limited knowledge/thinking/belief and judgment that is empowering the selfish ego and influencing the impure intellect. All kind of names and forms that the mind perceives through the senses are going through the process of identification/recognition and categorization from the impure intellect, and then the assertive ego will assert likes and dislikes in the mind, and generate craving and aversion towards what it likes and dislikes.

The impure egoistic mind that is identified with the modifications of the mind and all its functions, will comprehend what it perceives or what it experiences as either good or bad, happiness or suffering, and unwittingly and spontaneously generates likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, and fueling the desire of craving and aversion.

The minds that know what is actually happening in the modification of the mind of all these perceptions of names and forms, they detached themselves from the modifications of the mind, the intellect and the ego. These minds are not being determined by the qualities of names and forms that the impure egoistic intellectual thinking faculty and its functions perceive, recognize, categorize and assert as, '‘this is I’', ‘'I am good'’, ‘'I am bad'’, ‘'this is happiness’', '‘this is suffering’', ‘'I am happy'’, ‘'I am sad'’, "I am pleased", "I am hurt", "I want this" or "I don't want that".

When a mind is awakened from this delusion, it will find that happiness and suffering has nothing to do with all the things/objects of names and forms/experiences outside. It gives no value to the word 'suffering' or 'happiness'. It stops judging and categorizing things into good and bad, positive and negative, meaningful and meaningless, happiness and suffering. But it doesn’t mean that now this mind can do whatever it wants, such as hurting itself or others, or being evil or immoral. This mind has total self-control over its thoughts, actions and speech, and not being the slave of the restless selfless modification of the mind, the senses, the intellect or the ego, while purifying the intellect and letting go of the idea of 'I' or the ego, being free from the influence of egoism and egoistic wants and doesn't want, likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements.

That is liberation.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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