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Friday, October 14, 2022

Not playing the game that empowers egoism and ignorance

Life is not always easy, and can be quite hard at certain time, where many of those unnecessary uneasiness and hardship are the by-products deriving from the ignorance and egoism of the prideful selfish human beings, that can be avoided if more minds, especially those who have the capability and opportunity to be the leaders or influencers in the world, are free from the influence of ignorance and egoism, which is unfortunately not the case in this world.

It's understandable that out of survival instinct, many people would just play along with the egoistic game of diplomacy and grouping, that is built on hypocrisy and identification that empowers ignorance, egoism, selfishness, possessiveness, separateness and all kinds of discrimination, in order to avoid certain 'difficulties', and be able to enjoy a life that is less 'hard' by being compliant towards many 'human made rules and regulations created out of selfishness' that don't necessarily make life any easier but more complicated.

If one gives in to the unnecessary difficulty and complication that derived from the ignorance and egoism in the world, and desire to be enjoying a slightly easier living condition while being existing in this world of ignorance and egoism, where one plays along with the game of ignorance and egoism, that empowers attachment, identification, desire, comparison, judgment and expectation, then not only that one is not helping the world to be a better place for all beings non-discriminatively, to have less corrupted thinking, belief, actions and reactions, but one is empowering the system that is created out of the ignorance and egoism of human beings, that gives rise to ongoing unnecessary corruptions, difficulties, hardships, damages and suffering in the world.

All kinds of talking and activism about spreading awareness about 'peace in the world', 'non-discrimination', 'all lives matter', 'non-violence', 'corruption free government', 'clean and fair justice and democracy', 'environmental friendly ecological clean way of living', 'vegetarianism', 'veganism', and so on, might help to relieve certain degrees of human made damages in the world, but it doesn't eliminate the source of all kinds of human made problems and damages deriving from the highly corrupted 'system', if the minds are not free from ignorance and egoism, where everyone is playing along with the game of egoism, supporting and empowering the 'system' that derived from and empowers selfishness, pride, attachment, identification, possessiveness, separateness and discrimination, either wittingly or unwittingly.

If a nation will only grant a person a citizenship, if one speaks their particular language proficiently and live life according to their national and cultural belief, values and practice, that one is being proud of being one of them, that one will support, promote and defend their particular political ideas, visions and values, that one has to know their national anthem and the past history of their governmental leaders and affairs, where they cannot accept one as it is, where one doesn't necessarily speak their particular language, doesn't necessarily live life according to their national and cultural belief, values and practice, is not having any attachment and identification or pride towards a national or community or family identity, is not interested in any political ideas and values, doesn't know their national anthem or any other national anthems, and is not interested in the past history of any governmental leaders and affairs in the world that are nothing but the product of egoism and the fuel that feeds egoism, then 'I' am not interested in attaining such citizenship, even though 'I' respect the action and decision of such human beings won't grant someone their particular national citizenship under such 'egoistic conditions, rules and regulations', that's their freedom of thinking, belief, values and action, but 'I' am not playing the game of ignorance and egoism in order to attain any particular citizenship that might or might not make life less difficult.

Being a 'rightful' citizen of any particular nation in the world of corruption, doesn't necessarily mean that there will be less difficulty or suffering in life existence arising from the ignorance of human beings. The situation in the world right now, in this present moment, and at anytime, is indeed the greatest teacher of the mind. One doesn't need to go anywhere in search for a teacher to teach oneself about ignorance and the consequences of ignorance. This world of human beings is full of ignorance and the consequences of ignorance.

Not speaking any particular language proficiently, not living life according to any particular national and cultural belief, values and practice, not having any attachment and identification or pride towards any national or community or family identity, not interested in any political ideas and values that empowers separateness and selfishness, not knowing any national anthem, and not interested in the past history of any governmental leaders and affairs that empowers possessiveness and greed, it doesn't mean that one is not respecting all kinds of lives, or one is being disrespectful towards other people's different ways of living in accordance to a particular national and cultural belief, values and practice, or one will be intentionally creating unnecessary problems, damages and inconvenience to other people in the society, or one won't be kind and helpful towards other beings unconditionally, or one won't be looking after the general welfare of all and everyone non-discriminatively in the world of diversity, regardless of the different names and forms.

Unless the policy of a country is not at all about welcoming peaceful human beings that embrace peace and harmony among all and everyone non-discriminatively, that would help and be kind towards one another unselfishly, that welcome world peace or universal peace without possessiveness, selfishness, discrimination, hatred, bully and violence, but it's more about having their own particular political demands and agendas, to be 'recruiting' supporters and manpower that would be empowering and defending their 'power and wealth status' and 'possessions', then let it be. They want human beings that are aggressive and violent, that will fight for them to accomplish their selfish greedy ambition of conquering and possessing more and more territories and natural resources via bullying, threat, force and violence, to boost their status of power and wealth. Human beings who want peace and harmony are useless to them. Many of the people in certain nations are being manipulated by such ignorant egoistic leaders and influencers to become more and more selfish, self-righteous, self-protective, discriminating, hating and violent, where they are not interested at all in the peace and harmony among all diversities in the world, or to be looking after the welfare of all and everyone in the world of diversities non-discriminatively, but only to enhance and protect the welfare of themselves and those whom they refer as one of them.

Similarly, within a personal relationship or a family relationship, one will not be playing the game of diplomacy and grouping, empowering the ignorance and egoism in oneself and others.

The game of diplomacy and grouping is being seen as the way to develop and maintain peace and harmony within the personal relationship, the family and the society, where one is being told to keep the head down and be silent towards any forms of ill-treatment unto oneself and/or others, but that's only encouraging and empowering ignorance and corruption in the world on all levels.

Not being determined or disturbed by the ignorance of others in the world, or not fighting against the ignorance in the world, doesn't mean that one should be submissive and silent towards all kinds of ill-treatment, not walking away from such abusive situations when there's possibility to do so, and being there allowing oneself and/or others to be ill-treated by some others repeatedly and continuously, encouraging and empowering the ignorance of others.

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