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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Being undisturbed or unhurt by the ignorance and ignorant behavior of others

Upon knowing Thyself, of knowing what is going on in the selfless mind, being undisturbed or unhurt by the presence of unpleasant, disagreeable and undesirable experiences in the present moment and the flashback memories of the past unpleasant, disagreeable and undesirable experiences, as well as being compassionate and understanding towards the presence of ignorance and ignorant behavior, it doesn't mean that one should be justifying and empowering the ignorance and ignorant behavior that are existing in one's life, in one's family ties or relationships and interactions with some others, or in the world. It also doesn't mean that one should become like them or behaving like them.

Inquire towards the many thinking, beliefs, ideas and sayings in the world that are justifying and empowering the ignorance and ignorant behavior in oneself, or in others.

"If someone is throwing a stone at you, you shouldn't shield yourself or move away."

"If someone is hurting you, you should keep silent, shouldn't retaliate, shouldn't move away, and should encourage them to hurt you more."

"Someone hits you on one side of the face, you should tell them to hit you on the other side as well."

"You deserve all these hurtful behavior and ill treatment from others, because it's your bad karma or sin, and you should be thankful and be grateful for that, because it's reducing your bad karma or sin."

"I should treat you with the same hurtful behavior that you had treated me."

"Everyone should be unattached, letting go and move on, and should not be disturbed or hurt by any kinds of hurtful behavior or ill treatment, and so, it doesn't matter if there are continuous and even more ignorance and hurtful behavior or ill treatment among one another in one's life and in the world."

"Family should stay together no matter what happens, even if there is presence of abusive behavior and ill treatment. Family should never stop loving and supporting and 'protecting' each other, even if everyone is continuously hurting one another, because we all are imperfect human beings. One is selfish and guilty, or it is very wrong and not good, if one abandons the family that is being hurtful and abusive."

That is pure ignorance.

If the house is on fire, and the fire is out of control couldn't be extinguished by all means, there shouldn't be any hesitation to leave the house immediately. There shouldn't be any hesitation such as whether to leave the house, or not, or there's strong attachment or intense love and affection towards the house, or even, the idea of one should let oneself be burnt down together with the beloved house, to show how much one loves the house, til death do us part.

If someone strongly thinks and believes that someone in the family or in the relationship is hurting oneself or is trying to hurt oneself all the time, then there shouldn't be any hesitation to just leave that family or relationship.

If there's some hesitation, or fear, or reluctance, or confusion occur in the mind, and hence, it doesn't want to leave the family or reluctant to let go the relationship that oneself strongly thinks and believes 'for sure' that oneself is a victim of the hurtful or abusive behavior of someone in the family or in the relationship, while keep thinking and feeling that oneself is constantly being hurt or abused by someone physically, mentally and emotionally, expecting that maybe one day that person will stop hurting or abusing oneself, but then, one also keeps blaming someone for causing disturbance or hurt in oneself, and keeps complaining to some others about something wrong and hurtful is happening to oneself, for years and years, and still oneself doesn't want to leave that 'hurtful' and 'abusive' situation for 'certain reason' of 'hesitation', or 'fear', or 'reluctance', or 'confusion'. Then know that, that is pure ignorance in oneself.

Upon being aware of the finger is accidentally being cut by the knife, one would either retract the hand immediately or let go the knife immediately, or both, without any hesitation, so that the cut doesn't go any further or deeper. If oneself is aware of the cut, with or without the sensation of pain, while continuing to keep cutting into the finger further with the knife, then that is something very 'wrong' with oneself. And it's more 'wrong', if one blames the knife for causing serious damage or injury to one's finger, while continuously cutting into one's finger with the knife repeatedly for many times, for years and years, and continuously blaming the knife for causing ongoing injury to one's finger. Mere madness.

Inquire the truth of everything.

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