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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

The self-inquiry and direct realization towards selflessness

Ignorance is about not knowing the truth of selflessness via direct realization.

Ignorance is not about low intelligence, or low education, or lack of knowledge.

Being highly intelligent, educated, and knowledgeable doesn't necessarily mean that the mind is devoid of ignorance.

Ignorance, or not knowing towards selflessness, gives rise to egoism, that gives rise to fear, that gives rise to many kinds of corrupted thinking, beliefs, values, reasoning, understanding, aspirations, visions, desires, comforting or threatening stories telling, and justification for damaging hurtful behaviors, that give rise to all kinds of corrupted action and reaction or behavior, that give rise to the consequences of all that, where all kinds of unnecessary disturbance and suffering arising in oneself, while ignorantly inflicting unnecessary disturbance and suffering unto others, and generating unnecessary damages into the surrounding environment.

Selflessness is not a belief.

Selflessness is not a philosophy, and is nothing 'spiritual' or 'religious'.

Selflessness is science, or what things are, as they are.

Selflessness is not about unselfishness or self-sacrifice.

Selflessness, is the non-existence of an infinite unchanging permanent individual self-existence of 'I'.

It doesn't mean "Non-existence of the selfless impermanent body and mind that are limited and conditional", or "All and everything don't exist at all, just like dreams or imaginations, where none and nothing is real, and everything is non-coherent".

All and everything of all kinds of diverse living species and non-living objects, exist selflessly and impermanently in this space of the universe that doesn't belong to anyone or anything, without a permanent individual self-existence that exists infinitely unchanging, where all and everything that had existed but are no longer existing in the present moment now (or are existing in the present moment now), were (or are) under going inevitable process of selfless and restless changes and disintegration from the very moment of coming (or forming) into existence in particular name and form, governed and influenced by the nature's law of cause and effect, inter-depending on and being determined by all kinds of elements and energy to be existing, changing, and ceased existing.

The minds that didn't attain (or haven't attained) direct realization towards selflessness, where they thought and believed (or think and believe) that selflessness means "All and everything don't exist at all ...", it's normal that they had (have) intense disagreement, aversion, worry, and fear towards the teachings and practice that leads towards the realization of selflessness, where all kinds of worldly passionate egoistic beliefs, stories telling, values, inspirations, aspirations, visions, and practices were (or are) continuously being created and empowered to give certain degrees of comfort, justification, and influential power to the minds that are functioning, perceiving, thinking, reasoning, understanding, desiring, acting, reacting, and behaving under the influence of ignorance and egoism, that are being conditioned by all kinds of corrupted passionate egoistic thinking, beliefs, values, desires, aspirations, visions, and practices, under the influence of survival instinct, fear, greed, selfishness, possessiveness, protectiveness, pride, and all kinds of impurities (or restlessness), to be influencing, interfering, and controlling all and everything (or the world that doesn't belong to anyone or anything) to be and not to be in certain way, in accordance to their likes and dislikes, agreements and disagreements, desires and don't desires.

Quiet the selfless impermanent impure restless modification of the mind, perform self-inquiry, attain direct realization towards selflessness, and be free.

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