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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Mentality of certain people living in the world of corruption, discrimination and oppression

There are minds grew up being conditioned or told by their elders and the surrounding community about, "We need to keep our head down. In many occasions, we need to keep one eye opens one eye closed. As long as it doesn't affect ourselves and our livelihood directly, we shouldn't bother about the others being threatened and hurt by the existence of discrimination and oppression in our society. Even if it affects us indirectly, we must keep our head down and not getting into troubles. Be obedient, do as they told, give them what they want, and keep them happy, then our life will be a lot easier."

This is the mentality of some, or many people living in the world of corruption, discrimination and oppression.

There is fear towards the so called 'authority', where it shouldn't be. Many minds are being conditioned since very young age to be 'very fearful' towards this and that, to be obedient, and one must believe that 'this' is the truth, instead of learning to be open to inquire the truth of everything.

"The authority" is 'supposed' to be a leader, or a team of 'public servants' that supports or serves the community non-discriminatively, that empowers and supports the enhancement of the overall well-being and prosperity of everyone in the society, for personal, community and environmental growth.

An "authority" that doesn't serve or support all and everyone without discrimination, that aren't looking after and supporting the welfare of everyone equally, but instead, only looking after the welfare of themselves and/or those in their own skin, while enforcing 'force', 'fear', 'threat', 'discrimination' and 'oppression' onto the others that are different from them and disagree with them, that are being disagreeable and dislikable to them due to their particular ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, financial status, educational status, culture, belief, values, practice, way of thinking, way of life, food choices, origins, or nationality, is not really an "authority". It's just a very sick mind, or an organization run by a group of 'mentally ill corrupted minds suffering from intense ignorance and egoism, that are prideful and yet, fear of losing power and control, or profit and wealth.'

Unfortunately, the mentality of "As long as it doesn't affect me personally and my livelihood, I still can enjoy my little 'goodies bag' of some limited rights and freedom given by the 'authority' because I am obedient, in which will be taken away from me if I am being disobedient, which I won't, I don't need to bother about the others being 'hurt' by the corruption, discrimination and oppression around me," would only empower such corruption.

Such like, "I'm not any of the LGBT community, I don't need to bother about the authority sanctions discrimination and oppression towards the LGBT community. Even if they are someone that I know personally. That's their problem, not my problem." or "I am privileged to be given certain rights, I am enjoying my little life. I shall not bother about the others whether they have rights and a life, or not." or "I am a man. I enjoy my privilege of being a man. I don't need to bother about women are being discriminated and oppressed by the authority in my community, even if I personally don't want to discriminate or oppress women for anything."

Needn't have any hopes about seeing a 'better' world that has less ignorance, egoism, selfishness, greed, corruption and discrimination, as none can remove the ignorance of others, but just do one's best of what is possible within one's ability, sharing the path of wisdom and compassion, in peace.

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