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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 26 - Consciousness

We are aware of our body is going through pains, discomforts and illnesses from time to time, but our consciousness is not affecting by them at all. They do not and cannot destroy the wisdom, love and peace within us. The pure consciousness behind all the impurities is ever exists, cannot be destroyed.

The awareness that which is aware of and is observing the thinking mind and the feelings is the consciousness, which is ever existing, pure, no name and no form, no life and no death.

When this consciousness is attached to the mind which functions along with the intellect and the ego, we identify ourselves with them (lower self). Thus we are being conditioned by the dualism produced in the mind by the intellect and the ego.

To be free from the dualism which is the source of happiness and suffering, we need to be detached from the senses, the mind, the intellect and the ego, and just observing the thoughts and feelings, and not attach to them or react.

Until all the impurities and thoughts are subsided, our consciousness returns to its pure state, identify as the pure consciousness (higher self).

It is like a mirror. When there is dust on its surface, we can’t see the reflection clearly. When the dust is removed, we can see the reflection clearly, but the mirror it self is always the same whether there is dust or no dust. The dust did not change the quality of the mirror at all. So does the consciousness is not touched or contaminated by any impurities.

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