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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Yoga is not separated from science

"Should yoga practitioners believe in science and be vaccinated, or not?"

Science is not a belief. So as yoga is not a belief. It's not about yoga practitioners should or shouldn't believe in science, and be vaccinated, or not. Just as it's not about whether someone chooses to believe in the teachings of yoga, and starts practicing yoga, and identifies oneself as a yoga practitioner, or not.
Yoga is about inquiring and seeing the truth of names and forms as it is. So as science.
The truth of things as they are, where all are selfless and impermanent, is not a belief.

The essential teachings, practice and goal of yoga, is not separated from science.

Life is science. Human's body mechanism is science. Human's behavior is science. Hormones, secretions, bodily organs and systems, cells, atoms, neurons, muscular and bone structures and etc, are science. Selflessness and Impermanence is science. How everything exist, change, and ceased existing, is science. The nature's law of cause and effect is science. Yoga of silence is science beyond names and forms.
There are many 'information' about the vaccines and vaccination circulating on social medias. Everyone have their own freedom of thinking, belief and choices towards any information about vaccines, especially the role of vaccination, as well as whether certain people might have certain health complications or allergies that don't allow them to take certain drugs or any form of vaccines, even if they would prefer to be vaccinated against certain diseases. Everyone have the freedom to express what they think and desire, and what they do or don't do with their body or life existence. Everyone also take the responsibility towards one's desire and the consequences of one's desire.
For yoga practitioners, it's not about how all the others think, believe and desire, not to say, to reason everything based on what others think, believe and desire, but one would reason and inquire what are the most beneficial actions that can be done in this present moment for helping the entire world to move forward, without being influenced by any particular existing thinking and belief in the world that are under the influence of ignorance and egoism.

One is fearless towards making the appropriate decision and the consequences of one's decision, uninfluenced by one's family and friends and community's different opinions about the vaccines. There's no perfection in any decision and action. There are pros and cons in any actions. The fearless beings perform actions based on what is most beneficial for the world to move forward, without attachment, identification, judgment, or expectation.

The teachings of yoga doesn't discriminate any kind of names and forms, not to say, anyone's decision towards getting vaccinated, or not, especially in a prolonged pandemic situation. The difference between yoga practitioner and non-yoga practitioner is whether one inquires the truth of everything without being influenced by any particular worldly thinking and belief that are under the influence of ignorance and egoism to judge everything, or not.

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