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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 10 - Actual practice

Knowing our true nature and accepting ourselves as we are from moment to moment by understanding the law of nature and respecting the ever-changing phenomena of impermanence.

All these are the practice of yoga.

Although these philosophies seemed like just a theory, but there will be no practice available without a theory set as the guideline.

Practice means carry out the theory of a teaching practically.

We often say ‘I know this and that’ and ‘I had learnt this and that’. But it doesn’t mean anything unless we actually practicing it. It is like we know lots of theory from the books, but what we think, act and speak is not the same as what we know.

It is like we know what is patience and the importance of patience, but we have no patience at all.

It is like if we ask people to be truthful but we ourselves are not being truthful.

It is like when we expect other people to have awareness and be unselfish, but we ourselves have no awareness and are selfish.

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