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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 8 - Free from duality

Every existence has a cause to be here.

If there's no mind perception of suffering, there's no cause for yoga to be existing. When there is mind perception of suffering, there is yoga. Wisdom exists because there is ignorance. When there is no ignorance, there is no need for us to look for wisdom. We are not separated from wisdom if there is no ignorance.

We are looking to become enlightened because we perceive suffering under the selfless impermanent existence of this selfless body and the restless modification of the mind, we feel being not free in this worldly life existence. We want to be free from suffering, or to be in a state where there is only peace and happiness.

When the mind realizes non-separateness or oneness, being free from duality, it will not perceive the limited body and the world of selfless impermanent names and forms as a form of suffering. This mind has transcended the term of suffering, and hence, there is no longer a need for this mind to look for a way out from suffering.

This mind will observe the world as it is without interfering with the law of nature. It remains calm even though the world is chaotic.

There is no difference between something so called positive and negative because both positive and negative are also selfless and impermanent. Something that we called ‘good’ exist only if there is something ‘bad’, to show that ‘this is something good’ and ‘that is something bad’, and vice versa.

Everything, regardless of good or bad quality, has to go through the same process of formation, changes and disintegration. Thus everything is the same, no difference and non-dualism. If we understood this, we will have no sense of superiority or inferiority, and we will let go all the judgments, criticisms and comparisons, which are the common habits of everyone under the influence of ignorance.

All these egoistic habits and other impurities are determining what type of mentality each individual has. It is all in our mind, molding what type of personality that we have, and influencing our behavior, actions and reactions that bring along the consequences of action and reaction.

Such as auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. They only exist in our mind if we acknowledge them and give them their respective meaning. There's neither auspiciousness nor inauspiciousness in all kinds of names and forms or activities.

If we believe that there is the presence and absence of auspiciousness, of course there will be the absence and presence of inauspiciousness following it like a shadow. Every moment we will be so cautious when we do something or having something that is related to auspiciousness, and we will try to avoid doing something or not having anything that is related to inauspiciousness. We will become so tensed and exhausted all the time.

If we can let go labeling things as something auspicious or inauspicious, then life will be so much easier and tension-free. We can have more energy and attention to do many other things in life.

When the mind sees no difference between birth and death, praise and censure, poverty and abundance, enjoyment and suffering, gain and lost, happiness and unhappiness, or all type of duality are the same, all are selfless and impermanent, then this mind is dwelling in the state of non-duality, it found unconditional peace and rest.

There are no more arguments and searching.

This person can have wealth, health, wants, relationships and responsibilities, but is free from attachment, identification and the desire of craving and aversion, and thus, void of suffering.

To be in peace is not necessarily has to be secluded from other living beings, run away from the world, or changing/escaping the law of nature. The hard condition and situation in life that we are facing every moment is where the mind can practice letting go, purifying itself, and unfold the wisdom within. But when the chaos and distractions in the world is too over-whelming for the mind, then renunciation is highly important for the mind to progress on the path.

Learn to be okay, regardless of the impermanent conditions of the physical body, the different impermanent states of the mind and the different impermanent conditions of the surrounding environment, free from ignorance, egoism, impurities and duality, and resting in calmness and peacefulness, is the heart of yoga.

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