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Sunday, May 17, 2009

chapter 8 - Free from duality

Every existence has a reason to be here.

When there is no life exists, Yoga has no reason to exist. When there is life, there is Yoga. Wisdom exists because there is ignorance. When there is no ignorance, there is no need for us to look for wisdom. We are the embodiment of wisdom if there is no ignorance.

We are looking to become enlightened because we feel suffering in this body, feel trapped in this world of existence. We want to be free from suffering, or to be in a state where there is only peace and happiness.

When a person is detached from duality and does not perceive the body and the world are suffering anymore, when he has transcends the term of suffering, there is no longer a need for him to look for a way out.

He will observe the world as it is without interfere the law of nature. He remains calm even though the world is in a mess.

There is no difference between something so called positive and negative because at the same time there are some negative elements in positive thing, while something negative is having positive elements in it. Such as something that we called ‘good’ only exist if there is a counteract ‘bad’, to show that ‘this is something good’ because ‘that is bad’, or vice versa.

And everything has to go through the same process of formation and destruction. Thus everything is the same, no differences and non dualism. If we understood this, we will have no sense of superiority or inferiority, and we will let go all the judgments, criticisms, and comparisons which are the common habits of everyone.

And all these habits and other impurities are determining what type of mentality each individual has. It is all in our mind, molding what type of personality that we are.

Such as auspiciousness and inauspiciousness, they only exist in our mind if we acknowledge them. And this powerful thought will manifest in our life when it is ripened.

If we believe that there is something called auspicious, of course there will be something called inauspicious following it tightly.Every moment we will be so cautious about trying to do something, or having something that is auspicious and try to avoid or not to do something, or not to have anything that is inauspicious, we will become so tensed and exhausted all the time.

If we can just let go of this thought of differentiation and stop labeling things as auspicious and inauspicious, then life is so much easier and tense free. We can have much more energy and time to do other meaningful things in life.

When a person sees life and death is the same, praise and censure is the same, poverty and abundance is the same, happiness and suffering is the same, gain and lost is the same, all type of differences are the same, then he is living in the perception of non duality, he found peace and rest.

There are no more arguments and searching.

He can have wealth, health, wants, relationship and responsibilities but he is free from craving and attachment, and thus free from suffering.

To be in peace is not necessary has to be secluded from other living beings, run away from the world, or changing the law of nature. The hard condition that we are facing every moment is where we can practice letting go, purify ourselves and unfold the wisdom in us.

Learn to feel good and be happy disregard the condition of the physical body and outer situations, free from impurities, detached from duality, and having calmness and peacefulness in the heart is Yoga.

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