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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Needless be determined by all kinds of corruption and discrimination

The world is full of all kinds of corruption and discrimination deriving from ignorance and egoism in the human minds, including the minds that think and believe that they are good and righteous people, who believe in eliminating what they dislike and disagree with, or what they judged as evilness/wrongfulness/threat towards their identity, possessions, belief, values, survival, status (power) and profit (wealth), or to build a world the way that they desire, via temptation/bribery/manipulation, or through force, violence, control, oppression, threat, disciplinary, prosecution, punishment, imprisonment, outcast, deportation, and by 'education' or 're-education' to reform/change/convert people's thinking and behavior.

The world is really sick, being occupied by too much ignorance.

Even among the many 'normal' people who believe in loving kindness, and want to promote loving kindness, wellness and prosperity in the world, might not be free from certain subtle selfishness, pride, passionate desire of craving and aversion, envious, jealousy, discontentment, greed, hurt and resentment due to ignorance and egoism, while not being aware of one's passionate enjoyable trendy lifestyle chasing after excitement and pleasurable enjoyment of the senses while inspiring others to also attain such passionate lifestyle and enjoyment, is unintentionally supporting and empowering the sickness of the world.

None can change that, or make all kinds of corruption and discrimination disappear from the world.

One can be disliking and disagreeing with all kinds of ignorant affairs or situations in the world.

One can be not supporting or not encouraging such ignorant egoistic thinking, belief, values, practice, action and reaction in the world.

One can be performing certain actions that might or might not help to ignite certain awareness in the minds functioning under the influence of deep ignorance, but without attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, comparison, judgment or expectation towards the action and the fruit of action.

More importantly, one is not being determined or disturbed by all kinds of corruption and discrimination in the world of ignorance and egoism.

Understanding that, all those ignorant human affairs are merely the by-products of ignorance and egoism, the most serious form of mental illness that can only be eliminated by the mind itself.

It's unfortunate that the ignorant minds, especially those who are in the powerful position that are making highly important decisions determining many actions and events that impact all and everyone, they can be generating endless destruction in the world, within their personal life, their community and the entire world, either randomly or deliberately, affecting the environment and all the others (human beings and other live forms) that are sharing this tiny little space in the vast universe.

One doesn't need to become or behave like those who are under the influence of ignorance, out of disappointment, disturb, frustration, hurt or anger, in order to protest or fight against the ignorant ones.

Why hurting oneself, and loosing one's physical and mental well-being with the ignorance of others?

Having great enthusiasm or aspiration to help lessening the heavy ignorance and egoism in the world, one must know how to look after oneself, having peace and harmony from within, which is nothing to do with living a life of higher comfort and pleasurable enjoyment of the senses that makes the mind feels good and satisfy.

Just like the lotus is untainted by the muddy lotus pond, without any intention to be something inspirational or non-inspirational to anyone who come across it.

This is not about trying to stay positive or be optimistic by ignoring or denying all kinds of ignorance in the world, while only acknowledging and focusing on all kinds of love and goodness that are existing in the world. That is not liberation.

Without dealing with the source of problem or suffering, but only focus on soothing the problem or suffering, it's like trying to fill up an extremely dirty pot with the most tasty and nutritious food.

It's about being aware of and acknowledging all kinds of ignorance, without being determined or disturbed by it, while performing selfless actions out of compassion that might or might not bring certain awareness that ignite the minds to be aware of ignorance and egoism in themselves, without attachment or expectation.

It's everyone's freedom of what they want to do or don't do. However, complaining about the problem while being part of the problem doesn't help. And the thinking of, "I only have another 50 years or so to live, I need to enjoy life to the maximum before I die. I don't complain because I have no problem, because I am capable of enjoying a lifestyle of comfort and enjoyment. I can afford and I deserve such indulgence because I've worked hard for it," doesn't help either.

The idea of "I deserve (something)," or, "I don't deserve (something)," is due to the presence of passionate attachment, identification and expectation towards one's action and the fruit of action. Even those who have been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for many years, who have been studying about the modification of the mind, who strongly go against the many corruption and discrimination in the world, might not be free from such egoism, not to say, anyone that has no awareness at all towards the modification of the mind.

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