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Friday, December 13, 2019

Letting go and let it be, it's okay

Human beings might be having the opportunity and financial ability to enjoy a higher standard of living with all kinds of education, entertainment, gadget, equipment, comfort, convenience and enjoyment for the senses while living in the modern society of higher technology and creativity, but it doesn't determine that the minds are free from restlessness/disturbs and other impurities deriving from ignorance and egoism, where there's so much tension in the minds resulting in losing the ability to think clearly and act properly, affecting the interactions with others in the daily affairs that human beings have to deal with, may it be in relationships or at work, during the process to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life and the world, with great expectation/aspiration towards life and the world to be in certain way that they desire and not to be in certain way that they don't desire.

It has to come from the mind itself to realize the urgency to be looking after itself before it's too late, to learn how to let go and let it be, that it's okay, when things in life are not being the way that the mind would like them to be, even after oneself had tried the best and very hard to achieve a life and a world that one thinks and believes how it should be.

What's the point of all kinds of opportunity, education, aspiration and effort, but losing the clarity and sanity of the mind while trying to achieve a life and a world that one's thinking and belief categorized as good, righteous, positive, successful and meaningful life/living/way of life, as the mind couldn't let go, or let things being what they are, not necessarily pleasant/desirable/agreeable in the way that the mind would like it to be, where the mind is being over-powered by the desire of craving and aversion and great expectation, and drowning itself in frustration, disappointment, dissatisfaction, anger, hatred, hurt, fear and worry?

Just do one's best, but also be able to let go and let it be, being free from attachment, identification, craving and aversion, and expectation.

The so called 'negative/bad/wrong/unpleasant/undesirable/disagreeable' things in life or the world don't hurt the mind or what the mind thinks and believes as 'I', but it's the egoistic attachment, identification, craving and aversion and expectation in the mind that is hurting the mind.

It's everyone's freedom whether they want to let go, to maintain the clarity and sanity of the thinking mind, or not.

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