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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The sense of separateness disappears upon 'seeing' all kind of actions as a form of selfless service

Upon the realization of selflessness, where there's no 'I' existing in all kind of names and forms, or in all the elements that support and fuel the existence and function of the body and mind, or in every single cell and atom that make up the entire body and the bodily systems, which support and influence the perceptive cognitive thinking mind to be functioning being what it is, where all and everything are selfless, then naturally, all kind of actions are indeed a form of selfless service towards oneself or others, such as performing necessary actions to be looking after the life maintenance of the body, performing necessary actions to be looking after the well being of the thinking mind, performing personal duty and responsibility towards oneself and others in the family or in the many different kind of relationships, performing certain actions to be looking after the well-being of other beings, the surrounding environment, nature and objects in the world, performing duty and responsibility towards one's committed work or business, regardless of whether with or without salary or profit making, and performing certain leisure activities between working, maintenance of life and resting.

The sense of separateness disappears between the actions for oneself or the actions for others, between the actions for others within and outside one's family and personal relationships, between actions that generate and don't generate certain income/profit, or between the duty and responsibility of work/business, maintenance of life, resting and leisure activity.

Depending on the timing, possibility, condition, situation, and the state of one's physical and mental condition and energy level, one performs actions that are possible in the present moment, without forcing the body and mind beyond their limitation or harming the overall well-being of the body and mind.

One never feels unhappy, dissatisfied, disappointed, bad, guilty or regret towards "I didn't manage to do this or that," due to certain timing, possibility, condition, situation or the state of one's physical and mental condition and energy level, that doesn't allow oneself to be performing certain actions or all kind of actions in certain period of time, or in certain stage of life.

When off duty and responsibility, one doesn't feel the need to be engaging in certain duty and responsibility.

When not doing any leisure activities, one doesn't feel missing towards engaging in certain leisure activities.

When not performing any physical or mental activities, one doesn't feel bored, bad, non-productive, useless or meaningless, craving to be performing certain physical or mental activities in order to feel stimulated, good, productive, useful and meaningful.

There are times in life, one needs to spend more attention, time and energy into certain things, while spend less attention, time and energy into some other things, and vice versa in some other times in life.

One will be at ease, or resting in unconditional peace, regardless of whether one is being active, or inactive, or more active, or less active, in any particular time or stage in life.

More importantly, is about knowing what are the possibility or impossibility/limitations in the present moment, and be able to adjust, adapt, accommodate and respect towards the possibility and impossibility/limitations, without expecting everything has to be in certain way to accommodate all one's desire and aspiration.

This physical body and the state of the mind is limited and conditional. One needs to be able to let go what is impossible in the present moment now, upon the presence of certain limitations or obstacles, while do or achieve what is possible in this present moment now, without attachment, identification, desire of craving and aversion, or expectation. And all is impermanent. What is possible and what is impossible now, are impermanent.

It makes no difference regardless of whether how much or how little selfless actions are being performed in this present moment, in specific time, or in total of this selfless impermanent life existence.

Out of ignorance, the ignorant minds might be doubtful and worried towards the teachings of selflessness, selfless actions and selfless service might be supporting the ignorant minds to be engaging in ignorant actions and activities.

The impure desireful minds under the influence of ignorance that desire/aspire to be performing certain ignorant actions that would hurt oneself and others either intentionally or randomly might want to justify that they are also performing selfless service to themselves and others. That's their freedom of thinking and desire, however, that is nothing to do with selfless service or selfless actions that are void of egoistic intention and desire, that are void of such ignorance and egoism that gives rise to such ignorant thinking and desire, that leads to ignorant behaviors.

That only indicates how deep is the ignorance in many minds, of those who perform ignorant actions out of ignorance, and those who worried about others performing ignorant actions out of ignorance.

The minds that are void of ignorance, are void of ignorant actions.

Under the absence of ignorance and egoism, the mind knows how to manage the life existence that is conditional and being limited by time, space and causation, being able to make necessary adjustment, to be adapting and accommodating towards many kind of unforeseen circumstances or unexpected events and obstacles. This mind knows how to conserve energy and spend energy wisely on things/actions/activities that are leading towards more peace and harmony in oneself and the surrounding environment, that are possible in the present moment, while doesn't waste energy on something that is not possible in the present moment, or on things/actions/activities that would give rise to unnecessary harms, problems and conflicts.

Inquire the truth of everything, and be free from ignorance and egoism, and hence, be free from the sense of separateness deriving from ignorance and egoism, that gives rise to unnecessary unhappiness, dissatisfaction, disappointment, guilt, or regret.

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