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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yoga is unlimited by physical limitations or injuries to perform some or all of the yoga (asana) practice...

Some people are troubled, frustrated or worried about some physical limitations or injuries which make them think or feel that they cannot practice yoga due to these physical limitations or injuries. But what they think is just about the physical limitations or injuries might limit or stop them from performing some or all of the yoga asana poses. And yet, this doesn't mean that they cannot practice yoga.

Yoga asana practice is just a small part of the yoga practice.

Physical limitations or injuries doesn't stop one from practicing yoga to realize peace and compassion, although one might not be able to perform some or all of the yoga asana practice due to the existing physical limitations or injuries. As yoga, or unconditional peace and compassion, is not limited nor determined by physical conditions or abilities to perform any of the yoga practice or yoga asana practice.

One need not have to be performing yoga asana practice to realize the truth, to be free from ignorance and egoism, and be peaceful and compassionate.

All forms of yoga practice including yoga asana practice, pranayama, chanting, concentration and meditation practice doesn't guarantee anyone realization of the truth or be free from ignorance. All these practices are just some tools or methods to help one to purify and quiet the mind, to allow the mind to be able to see the truth of things as they are. And yet, if we don't know how to free the mind from egoism, attachment, identifications, desires of craving and aversion, then we can be performing all sorts of yoga practice regularly, but still our mind with all its actions and reactions are not free from being influenced and determined by ignorance, egoism, attachments, identifications, craving and aversion, and be disturbed by ceaseless impurities, and have no peace.

Yoga practice is in this present moment now, disregard what is the physical conditions and abilities, no matter where we are, what we are doing or not doing, what we can do or cannot do, we are aware of all the modifications of the mind, without generate attachment nor identification with the mind and its modifications to be who we are, or what we think is "I" or "my", and are not being affected, nor disturbed, nor influenced, nor determined by the function of the mind with all the perceptions of names and forms.

And this is nothing to do with whether we are performing some particular names and forms of yoga practice such like observations of Yamas and Niyamas, performing selfless service, chanting, studying the teachings, concentration and meditation practice, pranayama and asana practice, or not. As even by performing all these yoga practice by hard, we still can be over-powered by ignorance and egoism, and are not free.

Om shanti.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yoga Now Malaysia - Yoga retreats in Langkawi, Malaysia

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This is our new yoga studio and the surrounding nature for the yoga retreats in Langkawi.

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Link to Yoga Now Malaysia website
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