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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Move away from the conditions and influences that empower the ignorance and egoism in one's mind

If the mind is mentally and emotionally independent, then this mind can mix and interact with anyone, and engaging in all kinds of worldly ties and connections, social activities and interactions. This mind won't be influenced by all kinds of condition and influence coming from everyone and everywhere.

If the mind is not mentally and emotionally independent, where it is easily being conditioned and influenced by the conditions and influences coming from everyone and everywhere that are detrimental to one's mental health, that empower the ignorance, egoism, impurities and restlessness in the mind, where the mind keeps behaving in the way that hurt oneself and those in one's life, unwittingly, and then, telling everyone, "You are imagining all this," or "I am sorry. I want you to know that I love you and I appreciate you very much," or "Get over it. Let it go. We all are not perfect. We all make mistake," while keep repeating the similar behavior, and repeating saying the same sentences to be justifying one's behavior, then this mind really needs to move away from such condition and influence, even if they are one's family, parents, siblings, spouse, or friends.

People talk highly about family love and support, but if domestic abuse is happening in the family, one needs to move away from the family. It's not wrong, or selfish, or unloving, to help oneself, to be kind to oneself, to look after oneself. Unless, one is mentally and emotionally independent, and has already transcended all kinds of experiences, and is not being disturbed or affected by any kinds of abusive behavior, where oneself isn't being determined and influenced by such experiences to also behave in such way that hurt oneself and others, while knowing how to not empowering the ignorance and ignorant behavior in others by covering up and justifying the ignorance and ignorant behavior in others, even if they are one's beloved family.

A mentally disturbed father was being abusive towards his children, while his wife or the mother of the children was covering up and justifying such abusive behavior, and then, the children growing up behaving exactly like the father and the mother. Everyone is behaving hurtfully under a disturbed state of mind, while covering up and justifying for one another's behavior out of family love and support. None can help such family, as anyone who tries to help will be recognized as 'the enemy that tries to hurt the family' by the entire family, where everyone justifies, "There's nothing wrong with our family. We all are good and loving people. We love and support one another very much. You are the one that is trying to hurt our family."

Pretending to be strong, and becoming a bully, in order to stop oneself from being bullied by others, is not a solution at all. One doesn't need to be strong or become a bully. One just needs to walk away from the bullies.

Look after one's mind, so that one can truly love, appreciate and be kind to oneself and all and everyone, while not being determined or influenced by any conditions or influences, and not being disturbed, or affected, or hurt by all kinds of ignorance and ignorant behavior in anyone.

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